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Yokohama’s Sister/Friendship Cities

Last updated date:2018/10/2

Through comprehensive efforts not confined to any single goal or limited time period, Yokohama pursues international exchanges through sports, culture, technology and more with eight sister/friendship cities.

San Diego (United States of America)

A leading-edge industrial city and sightseeing destination located on the southern tip of the American West Coast

Partnership established on October 29, 1957


Protected by rivers, Lyon is France’s second most important city, famous for its silk, cuisine and cinema

Partnership established on
April 7, 1959


A port city on the Black Sea steeped in rich culture and beauty

Partnership established on
July 1,1965


This port city balances the majesty of nature with a modern cityscape

Partnership established on
July,1 1965


This representative commercial and port city of India has many different faces

Partnership established on
June 26, 1965


The dynamic and upbeat capital of a country that merges ancient and contemporary culture from the East and West

Partnership established on
July 1, 1965

Shanghai (China)

The leading economic and trade center of China, a country marked by continuous and spectacular growth

Partnership established on November 30, 1973


A port city with countless historical ruins that it famous as a resort destination

Partnership established on October 12, 1977

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