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Yamashita Pier

Last updated date:2021/5/14

yamashita pier

Yamashita Pier

The reclamation of Yamashita Pier started in 1953 and the Pier was completed for foreign trade in 1963. It played an important role as a main pier of supporting the Port of Yokohama in the high economic growth period from 1950s to 1970s. With many transit sheds and warehouses, the pier performs a backyard function which complements Honmoku Pier and other major piers in recent years.
By taking advantage of its excellent location, the pier is now under redevelopment to become a new vibrant hub in the urban waterfront.

Shin-Yamashita Junction on Coastline Highway


Outline of facilities

1)Public berths for conventional vessels
PierBerthBerth Length(m)Depth(m)
Yamashita Pier118010.0
Yamashita Pier220012.0
Yamashita Pier322012.0
Yamashita Pier418010.0
Yamashita Pier518010.0
Yamashita Pier618010.0
Yamashita Pier717810.0
Yamashita Pier818010.0
Yamashita Pier918010.0
Yamashita Pier1018010.0
2)Shallow draft quay, Warehouses, Cargo handling site
Shallow draft quaysite

8 places
total length 1,633m
width 10m
water depth 2.0~4.5m


8 warehouses
area 33,575㎡
Air cargo terminal
area 1,766㎡

Cargo handling site

19 places
area 39,097㎡

Cargo handling site(Breakdown 1)

cargo handling site
10 places
area 25,401㎡

Cargo handling site(Breakdown 2)

site for conventional cargo
9 places
area 13,696㎡

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