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Daikoku Pier

Last updated date:2021/5/14

Photograph of Daikoku Pier
Daikoku Pier

Daikoku Pier is the first full-scale manmade island-type pier at the Port of Yokohama, which was reclaimed and constructed between 1971 and 1990 in response to the growth in ocean-borne cargo and containerization. In total, 25 berths (a total berth length of 5,250m), including container berths and liner berths are developed on the pier.
Yokohama Cargo Center (Y-CC), which was designated as the first comprehensive bonded zone (FAZ) in eastern Japan and opened in 1996, is one of Japan’s largest logistics facilities and it plays a great role in strengthening logistics functions of the Port of Yokohama and revitalizing port economies. National Route 357 at the Yokohama Bay Bridge section (between Honmoku Pier and Daikoku Pier) was opened in 2004, which dramatically improved the access to Honmoku Pier and Minami Honmoku Pier. Following this, the pier boasts a highly convenient logistics hub with reinforced road network to the Port’s hinterland along with the Metropolitan Expressway whose interchange is located on the pier.
Currently Daikoku Pier has being carried out functional changes from container berths to car berths for RoRo ships in order to handle finished automobiles and tracks, which are major export items of the Port of Yokohama, and large construction equipment. In 2022, P3, P4 and T3 -T8 terminals will be completed and it will allow five large PCCs to simultaneously dock at one of Japan’s longest consecutive berths with a length of 1,400m. This change allows 11pccs to dock in total.
On the other hand, the Daikoku Pier is also available to accommodate a large passenger ship which cannot pass under Yokohama Bay Bridge.
In the pier, including the passenger terminal, Daikoku Pier Central Green Space with a baseball ground, a multipurpose sports ground and four tennis courts are developed as welfare facilities for port workers along with Daikoku Fishing Pier.

Daikoku Futo Junction on Coastline Highway


Outline of Facilities
PierBerthBerth Length(m)Depth(m)Berth Usage
Daikoku PierC-130012Line Terminal(Yokohama Port Corporation)
Daikoku PierC-230013Line Terminal(Yokohama Port Corporation)
Daikoku PierC-335015

Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Provisionally in use for the foreign trade tramper terminal

Daikoku PierC-435015Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Daikoku PierL-1~8each 20010Line Terminal(Yokohama Port Corporation)

Daikoku Pier

P-1・2each 1307.5Coastal Vessels Berth
Daikoku PierP-313012

Multipurpose Berth
(Combined with a cruise ship)

Daikoku PierP-416012

Multipurpose Berth
(Combined with a cruise ship)

Daikoku Pier


each 24012Multipurpose Berth
Daikoku PierT-3~8each 18510~11

Multipurpose Berth
(T3-T6 Combined with a cruise ship)

Daikoku PierT-924012Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)

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