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Honmoku Pier

Last updated date:2021/5/14

Phoyograph of Honmoku Pier
Honmoku Pier

Honmoku Pier started reclamation in 1963 and was completed in 1970. The pier has been playing a major role in the Port of Yokohama by corresponding to various kinds of cargo handling from conventional vessels to RORO ships and full container ships for many years. In response to the growing size of container ships and growth in container cargo volumes, the water area between Jetties B and C was reclaimed and it began operation in December 2005 as Honmoku BC container terminal. This BC container terminal operates as the main container terminal at Honmoku Pier to promote concentration of container cargo by effectively and integrally managing and administering its berths and terminal.
Meanwhile, Jetty D is enhancing its terminal capabilities to take measures against aging facilities and improve the efficiency of container cargo handling. Container terminals D4 and D1 began reoperation after redevelopment in September 2014 and in July 2019 respectively.
At the same time, Jetty A has been under development to be a new logistics base to expand and establish container cargo handling volumes at the Port of Yokohama and the port will further strengthen logistics functions.
Honmoku Pier will remain as a critical logistics base which covers about 50% of the Port of Yokohama’s container throughput and handle various kinds of import and export cargo.

Honmoku Futo Junction on Coastline Highway


Outline of Facilithies
PierBerthBerth Length(m)Depth(m)Berth Usage
Honmoku PierBase of Jetty A1005.5Coastal Vessels Berth
Honmoku PierA-1~3Each 20010Conventional Vessels Berth
Honmoku PierA-5・6Each 30012―(Yokohama Port Corporation)
Honmoku PierA-725012―(Yokohama City)
Honmoku PierB-1~4Each 20010Conventional Vessels Berth
Honmoku PierBC-1・247016Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Honmoku PierC-5~9Each 20013Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Honmoku PierD-1482.513~14Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Honmoku Pier


40016Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Honmoku PierD-530016Container Terminal(Yokohama - Kawasaki International Port Corporation)
Honmoku PierNo.1 New building material18510Exclusive Berth for Building Materials
Honmoku PierNo.2 New building material1459Exclusive Berth for Building Materials

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