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Registering marriages and divorces(婚姻届・離婚届)

Last updated date:2021/10/4

If you get married

If two non-Japanese residents wish to get married under the Japanese system, the kinds of documents they need to submit a certificate to contract marriage (a document which certifies that the individuals concerned fulfill all the requirements needed to legally get married in their own country) issued by their country's embassy, legation, consulate, etc., birth certificates, etc. Please note that the required documents differ by country.
In some cases, it is not possible to make a decision on whether to accept the marriage on the spot, so please consult with the ward office (municipality) at which you intend to submit your application in advance.

If you get divorced

If two non-Japanese residents wish to get divorced under the Japanese system, the way in which this is handled depends on the governing laws for divorce which apply to the married couple. The couple can divorce by mutual agreement, or can file for a divorce to their country's embassy or consulate. In addition, for instance if a spouse who is the defendant in a divorce case possesses an address in Japan, etc., as Japan also falls under international jurisdiction, it is possible to receive a judicial divorce in a family court. For more details, please consult with the ward office (municipality) at which you intend to submit your application in advance.

List of family registry divisions in ward offices
Name of ward officeCounterTelFax
Family Registry Division, Aoba Ward Office[21] 2nd Floor, Aoba Ward Office045-978-2225045-978-2418
Family Registry Division, Asahi Ward Office[12] 1st Floor, Asahi Ward Office045-954-6031 045-955-4411
Family Registry Division, Izumi Ward Office[201] 2nd Floor, Izumi Ward Office045-800-2341 045-800-2508
Family Registry Division, Isogo Ward Office[25] 2nd Floor, Isogo Ward Office045-750-2341 045-750-2535
Family Registry Division, Kanagawa Ward Office[107] 1st Floor, Kanagawa Ward Office Annex045-411-7031045-324-3586
Family Registry Division, Kanazawa Ward Office[205] 2nd Floor, Kanazawa Ward Office045-788-7731045-701-5234
Family Registry Division, Konan Ward Office[20] 2nd Floor, Konan Ward Office045-847-8331 045-841-1281
Family Registry Division, Kohoku Ward Office[24] 2nd Floor, Kohoku Ward Office045-540-2250045-540-2260
Family Registry Division, Sakae Ward Office[11] 1st Floor, Sakae Ward Office Main Building045-894-8340045-894-3413
Family Registry Division, Seya Ward Office[23] 2nd Floor, Seya Ward Office045-367-5641045-362-1488
Family Registry Division, Tsuzuki Ward Office[15] 2nd Floor, Tsuzuki Ward Office 045-948-2251 045-948-2259
Family Registry Division, Tsurumi Ward Office[4] 2nd Floor, Tsurumi Ward Office045-510-1700 045-510-1893
Family Registry Division, Totsuka Ward Office[4] 2nd Floor, Totsuka Ward Office045-866-8331045-862-0657
Family Registry Division, Naka Ward Office[21] 2nd Floor, Naka Ward Office Main Building045-224-8291045-224-8289
Family Registry Division, Nishi Ward Office[6] 1st Floor, Nishi Ward Office045-320-8331045-324-3585
Family Registry Division, Hodogaya Ward Office[1] 1st Floor, Hodogaya Ward Office Main Building045-334-6231045-335-6781
Family Registry Division, Midori Ward Office[24] 2nd Floor, Midori Ward Office045-930-2247045-930-2255
Family Registry Division, Minami Ward Office[11] 2nd Floor, Minami Ward Office045-341-1115045-341-1123
Where to inquire
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Inquiries concerning this page Service Desk Division, Ward Support Department, Civic Affairs Bureau (*Inquiries in Japanese only)
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Fax: 045-664-5295

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