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Lost Property on City Buses

Last updated date:2023/12/26

Lost Property on City Buses

Lost property found on city buses is kept at the depot running the service on which it was found.

  • If you know the route on which you lost something, please check the table below to find out which Bus Sales Office to contact.
  • If you do not know which route you were on, please contact your nearest Bus Sales Office.

Bus depots at a glance

Bus depots at a glance
Depot namePost codeAddressPhoneNearest bus stop
Hodogaya Depot240-00014-2 Kawabe-cho, Hodogaya-ku

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Hodogaya-shako-mae [Hodogaya Sales Office]
Wakabadai Depot331-24012-15-1 Wakabadai, Asahi-kuWakabadai-shako-mae [Wakabadai Sales Office]
Sengen-cho Depot220-00724-340-1 Sengen-cho, Nishi-kuSengen-cho-shako-mae [Sengen-cho Sales Office]
Takigashira Depot235-00123-1-33 Takigashira, Isogo-kuTakigashira or Shiden-hozon-kan-mae [Tram Museum]
Honmoku Depot231-082245-1 Honmoku Motomachi, Naka-kuHonmoku-shako-mae [Honmoku Sales Office]
Konan Depot234-00553-1-1 Hino Minami, Konan-kuKonan-shako-mae [Konan Sales Office]
Kohoku Depot222-0032581 Mamedo-cho, Kohoku-kuKohoku-shako-mae [Kohoku Sales Office]
Tsurumi Depot230-00521-3-1 Namamugi, Tsurumi-kuNamamugi
Midori Depot226-00061-10-1 Hakusan, Midori-kuMidori-shako-mae [Midori Sales Office]
Yokohama Traffic Development Ltd.
Isogo Depot
235-00233-1-19 Mori, Isogo-kuIsogo-shako-mae [Isogo Sales Office]

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