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Dance Dance Dance @Yokohama 2012

Last updated date:2018/10/2

Dance Dance Dance @ Yokohama 2012

Yokohama Bayside Ballet

Summer is hot in Yokohama, but so are the city’s art festivals!

Yokohama is proud of its triennial of art festivals, and the year 2012 puts the focus on dance. July 20 marked the official start of Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2012 (Link). But even if you missed the open stage opening performance of the Yokohama Bayside Ballet, there is still plenty to see and experience that promise to transcend the language barriers.

There is so much happening in the 4 months that lasts the festival that I can’t possibly write everything down here, but I’ll try to introduce the activities you should definitely not miss.

I guess the best way to go about this is by date. I feel like I cannot stress it enough, but keep in mind that a lot more is taking place everywhere in Yokohama until the end of October. I will merely be pointing out the tip of the iceberg. Also, for those on a budget, there are a lot of free or very inexpensive performances, so don’t let money get in the way of culture and arts.

8/4~5 – 11:00 – FREE
STREET DANCE FESTIVAL 2012 in Yokohama Minato Mirai
- Garden Square at Landmark Plaza (on August 4th)
- Queen’s Circle at Queen’s Square (on August 5th)

The number of dance studios in Japan has doubled over the course of the past few years. Elementary and junior high schools have even incorporated dance into their curriculum since 2011. Come see presentations by the prefecture’s kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools with contests and showcases of other artists from high schools and universities as well.

8/8 – 11:00 – FREE
Where: Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouse

With full backing of the city of Yokohama, this event promises high-quality street dancing performed by Yokohama university students operating in the metropolitan area among others. On the program are Street Dance Performances, Dance Battles and more. Whether you are not familiar with Street Dance or you are a die-hard fan, do not miss this promising event at the Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouses. I know that’s one I will be attending!

8/11~12 – 13:00 – FREE
Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! ~ Cheer Teams Presentation ~
Where: Event Space in front of Colette Mare Cheerleading

Do I really need to say more? I can’t be the only one whose interest is piqued at the mere mention of the word. This dance team, affiliated to Yokohama Professional Sports, can usually only be seen at sports arenas. Luckily for us, they will be taking time out to cheer on Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2012! In addition to this, cheer dance teams from universities and high schools will be showing that cheering is serious business!

8/11~12 – 15:30 – FREE
Dance Dance Dance at Nihon-Maru 2012
Where: Nihon-Maru Memorial Park

As I mentioned for the Street Dance Festival, dance has been added in the curriculum of junior high schools in Japan (or will very soon). In this event, the Nihon-Maru Memorial Park will allow citizens such as young people from elementary school students to high school students to participate in a dance show case. It is open to everyone, so seize your chance especially if you have kids!

8/10 – 18:30 – FREE
Dance with the CONDORS! Yokohama Grand Bon Odori.
Where: Dockyard Garden

“Bon odori”, or Bon dance, is a traditional dance performed during the Bon festival. (For a more in-depth explanation:外部サイト)) What the CONDORS dance company is proposing is a new style of Bon dance. Although CONDORS usually performs in Ikebukuro, the company has adapted the performance in Yokohama to feature elements typical of the city for a very special and meaningful event. Everyone is invited to come to the Dockyard Garden (at the base of Landmark Tower) and join in the fun! If you have a yukata, this is the time to take it out!

8/14 – 18:00 – 4000 to 10,000 yen
All Nippon Ballet Gala 2012 ~ Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Charity ~
Where: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall

Do not let the long name or the price of the tickets deter you from going to this amazing event, it is for a good cause! This is the result of Japanese ballet dancers wondering what they could do to help out with the relief efforts. These professional Japanese dancers come from all over the globe to hold this event in Yokohama. It is a chance to see talent you would not usually be able to see in Japan. Following a similar initiative from Paris last year, the group came together in Tokyo last year in the aftermath of the Earthquake and are adding a performance in Yokohama this year. All of the profits collected from entrance fees, the sale of goods and sponsorships will be donated to predetermined charities in order to contribute directly to the field of ballet in the affected areas.

9/8~9 – 14:00 – FREE
Tvk 40th Anniversary Commemoration ARAMEYA Song International Bon Dance Meeting
Where: Plaza in front of Sakuragicho Station

If you prefer a more traditional bon dance, the Arameya Song International Bon Dance Meeting is for you. Although traditional in execution, this bon dance is truly unique to Yokohama. Indeed, it is danced on the Yokohama Arameya Chorus song which was written for the sake of the citizens of Yokohama in 2009 in the hope that a song about Yokohama that could be sung at Bon Odori festivals that would inspire a deeper love of the city. This celebration is also a tie-up to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the TVK Broadcasting Station. Along with the Arameya Chorus, you will be able to enjoy various dances of the world such as samba, samul nori, chinese lion dance and belly dance.

9/15~16 – 15:00 – 500 yen
Citizen’s Dance Festival
Where: Kannai Hall

A large-scale dance festival for local residents, the stars of this festival will be dance lovers who, despite being amateurs, have spent countless hours polishing their performances. Various dance styles of all genres will be covered. Everyone that supports amateur dance is more than welcome. You might get a glimpse at the future of dancing!

10/6 – 15:00 – 2000 to 19,000 yen
Onegin by the Tokyo Ballet
Where: Kanagawa Kenmin Hall

Onegin, choreographed by John Cranko, is one of the most successful of all 20th century story-based ballets. This tragedy about Pushkin is famous for its fluid choreography and performance, and the many impressive dances induce the observers to believe they are watching a movie. First staged in Germany in 1965 and the success it has achieved has firmly implanted it into the repertoire of many of the world’s top-class companies. Come see prima donna Yukari Saito, a native of Yokohama and triple-crowned with the Yokohama Cultural Award, the 27th Chieko Hattori Prize and the Distinguished Dance Performance Award, in her long-awaited return!

Contemporary Dance

If you search by genre on the site, you will notice that a large section is dedicated to contemporary dance. The performances scheduled at the Dance Dance Dance @ Yokohama 2012 are for the most part new pieces created for the festival. Artists shocked by the 3/11 disaster got to work on new acts around the themes of “life” and “humans”. This is a turning point for contemporary arts in general. Although contemporary dance is usually thought to be inaccessible by many, this new focus on themes that touches everyone is sure to finally make it more tangible for the majority.

Related Events

On the 3rd Thursday of every month – Until March 2013 – $1 or 100 yen
1 Dollar Organ Concerts
Where: Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall

A related event worth mentioning is the 1 Dollar Organ Concert series taking place at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. I went to the performance on 26 July and had a very nice and refreshing time. The organists were 2 lovely young ladies who interned at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall in 2006. Their performance included some pretty nice pieces played by both of them at the same time on one pipe organ. Next month’s performance is scheduled on August 23rd. The theme of this year of organ concerts is “Let’s Dance along with Lucie”. Lucie is the nickname that was given to the organ of the Minato Mirai Hall in hope it would bring a new light to concert organs in Japan.

There is much happening this summer in Yokohama. Check the schedules and don’t miss out on the fun!

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