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German Christmas Market

Last updated date:2024/1/18

German Christmas Market in Tsuzuki

Next month will be held a German Christmas market in Tsuzuki Ward. Building on the success of last year’s event, which attracted 20,000 visitors in the 2 days the market lasted, this second edition will take place from 7 to 25 December.

Tsuzuki Ward’s relation with Germany is a deep one as it is home to the Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama(外部サイト) (German School of Tokyo Yokohama), several German enterprises and about 30% of the German residents of Yokohama, the largest concentration of all 18 wards in Yokohama. All of these, together with local businesses and residents, will collaborate to recreate in Tsuzuki the festive atmosphere of wintertime in Germany, and to promote cross-cultural understanding through seminars and activities.

The market, which expects 100,000 visitors over 19 days, will feature many performances (choir, dance, band, etc.). You will also be able to enjoy German food, beer and hot wine in an enchanting decor of Christmas illuminations and decorations.

Date: 7 – 25 December, 2013 (19 days)
Place: Square outside Center-Kita Station on the Blue and Green lines of the Yokohama Municipal Subway, and the surrounding area.

While we’re on the topic of Tsuzuki Ward, I’d like to introduce international lounges again. Although last time the focus was on Tsurumi Ward’s international lounge, I would like to say a few words about Tsuzuki’s.

Called Tsuzuki Multicultural & Youth Plaza(外部サイト) (or MY Plaza), the facility is located on the 5th floor of Northport Mall, only 3 minutes on foot from Center-Kita Station and is open to everyone. As with lounges in other wards, this one offers a variety of services aimed at foreigners living in Yokohama, such as interpreter support, foreign resident assistance, Japanese language classes and a welcome kit with practical information about Tsuzuki Ward.

But MY Plaza also offers services to Japanese residents as well, something that is unique to this lounge. For example, it offers supplementary lessons for elementary and middle school students and provides study rooms, where students can go to study in a calm and safe environment. These make it a great place to casually exchange with friends, and for residents of other nationalities to meet and make friends with local people. Specially equipped rooms can also be reserved to practice dance or music. Moreover, the many activities offered are reported on MY Plaza’s Facebook page(外部サイト), allowing everyone interested to get information and feedback.

Although my webpage has mostly been about activities around the Kannai and Minato Mirai 21 districts up to now, I hope to expand its scope by reporting more and more about what’s going on in other areas as well. Keep coming back, everyone!

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