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Multi-bus Passes

Last updated date:2022/2/9

  • Multi-bus passes are available for use on routes served by other operators. These passes can only be used on the sections and routes indicated.
  • They can be used on buses displaying a multi-bus pass sign.

Where you can use your multi-bus pass

Where you can use your multi-bus pass
Sections on which
multi-bus passes can be used
Operators that accept
multi-bus passes
23Aobadai Station - Wakabadai ChuoTokyu
40Nagatsuta Station - Wakabadai ChuoKanachu
44・83Yokohama Station Nishiguchi - Tosenji-maeSotetsu

Kamoi Station - Takeyama Danchi Orikaeshijyo
※Route no. 172: Takeyama Danchi Orikaeshijyo - Kamomi Station
Route no. 256: Kamoi Station - Takeyama Danchi Orikaeshijyo

90Nakayama Station Kitaguchi - Aobadai StationTokyu
119・172・256Kamoi Station - Kamoi Station (Arai-cho Loop)

※Route No. 172: Kamoi Station - Atago.
Route No.256: Inaridori - Kamoi Station.

248Umenoki - SenmarudaisyukaijyoKanachu
305Nakayama Station Kitaguchi - KainosakaTokyu

・Route 40 is special route and fares are changed by distance.

Prices of multi-bus passes

Prices of multi-bus passes
ZoneCommuter passStudent pass (from 13 years old)Student pass (up to 12 years old)
Length of validity1 month3 month1 month3 month1 month3 month
Flat-rate section of travel9,90028,2206,92019,7202,2306,360
Special routes Journeys charged by distance180 yen8,01022,8305,60015,9602,0805,930
Documents required to buy a passNot requiredWhen buying a student pass at the beginning of a new school year, please show your student ID card or provide an attendance certificate issued by your school.
Unnamed bearer type available*1××
Extension available*2×
Green pass programCity bus pass holders can use the green pass program.××
Disability discount30% off the above prices

•Unnamed bearer type*1
Unnamed bearer passes can be used by any person, and cost the same as named types.
Student passes can be extended up to 29 days, which may be useful if you need an extra few days for travel in the spring or summer vacations.
•Where to buy
Please check this page (Travel pass counters).

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