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Comprehensive Support to Cities

Last updated date:2020/4/21

Comprehensive Support to Cities

The City of Yokohama has established Y-PORT Center to provide smart urban solutions to cities in Asia and the world. One of the main objectives of Y-PORT Center is to cocreate and provide ”best available smart urban solutions through dialogue with private firms in Yokohama with cutting edge technologies, cities in emerging economies, and global think tanks.
For the past few years Y-PORT Center has been undertaking city-to-city collaboration with cities in emerging economies including Cebu (Philippines), Da Nang (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand) and Batam(lndonesia).
During the fiscal years 2016 and 2017 in particular, the City of Yokohama conducted site-visits, technical seminars, and business matching seminars with over of 71 Japanese firms in Da Nang (Vietnam), Batam (Indonesia), Metro Cebu and Cagayan de Oro (Philippines). Through these initiatives the City of Yokohama and paricipating private firms undertook intensive dialogue with city officials, technical experts,and firms in these cities. Through these dialogues, integrated smart urban solutions have emerged in the form of innovative "packages” based on the high quality technologies of the private sector and urban management expertise of the City of Yokohama.

Development Cooperation Department, International Affairs Bureau

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