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For the Future Environment of Yokohama

Last updated date:2021/9/2

Since the period of rapid economic growth after World WarⅡ, Yokohama has continued to tackle the serious issues of pollution.
In our world today, we are facing new environmental issues such as climate change, the natural disasters that accompany it, loss in biodiversity and more.
To handle these problems and pass on our invaluable environment to future generations, we have formulated a comprehensive environmental plan, the “Yokohama Environmental Management Plan”. In this plan, we have put 3 cross-sectional perspectives, “Citizens/Local Communities”, ”Economy”, ”Town Development”, and are working our policies in close coordination.

Brochure: For the Future Environment of Yokohama

An informative compilation of historic measures taken against pollution during the period of rapid economic growth and the present environmental policies of Yokohama.


1. An Overview of Yokohama and its History
2. Progress in Development of Cities and Environmental Policies during the High Economic Growth Period
3. Initiatives for Conserving Natural and Living Environments that Surround Us
4. Initiatives for Preserving the Global Environment
5. Preparing for Natural Disasters through Environmental Measures
6. To be Able to Entrust a Good Environment to Future Generations

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