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World Smart City Award

Last updated date:2019/3/19

At the Smart City Expo & World Congress 2011 held in Barcelona, Spain, from November 29 to December 2, 2011, the City of Yokohama received the "World Smart City Award" in the City Category, organized by the said congress, as Yokohama's efforts to realize a low-carbon society, such as the Yokohama Smart City Project, were highly appreciated.

Overview of the Smart City Expo & World Congress 2011

The Smart City Expo & World Congress was an international conference/exposition held in Barcelona, Spain, where the liberalization of electricity and the mass introduction of renewable energy have advanced more than 200 smart-city related businesses.
Local governments from about 30 countries around the world participated, and discussions and information exchange were made for building a sustainable society.

Overview of the "World Smart City Awards"

The World Smart City Awards were established to recognize cities, projects and solutions that clearly contribute to the development of the concept of the Smart City Expo & World Congress 2011.
The awards were determined from more than 100 applications from 19 countries by the selection board consisting of external experts from the World Bank, international funds based in Europe, etc. The awards have three categories and the City of Yokohama was awarded in the City Category, along with a transportation control project in Nice, France was awarded in the Project Category, and a water management system by a private business in Spain in the Solution Category.

Photo by Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute

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