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Y-SDGs Finance Task Force

Last updated date:2021/9/6

On July 29th, 2021, the City of Yokohama teamed up with nine financial institutions in order to hold the inaugural assembly for the “Y-SDGs Finance Task Force” that will engage in initiatives to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and create a carbon-neutral society. The Task Force was established with the purpose of utilizing the City of Yokohama’s “Y-SDGs” certification system in order to promote SDGs to local companies, support companies as they endeavor to conduct business sustainably over the years to come, and serve as an example for achieving SDGs for all of Japan.

At the assembly, the Cabinet of Japan gave a lecture on the financial promotion of SDGs to achieve the goal of regional revitalization. Participants discussed supporting initiatives to provide loans and investments to promote SDGs for small and medium-sized businesses in the city, and affirmed the need to hold regular assemblies to strengthen this collaborative effort.

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