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Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Last updated date:2020/7/31

VPP Construction Project

Assuming increasing use of renewal energies, Yokohama launched a project to build aVirtual Power Plant (VPP) * in FY2016 to provide a stable supply of electric power andimprove disaster resistance.

* Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
A system to adjust power supply and demand using high-level energy management technology, by which storage batteries, power generation equipment, electric vehicles, etc., owned by commercial entities, households, etc., can be made to function by remote, integrated control as if they were a single power generation plant.

Yokohama’s VPP Construction Project

Storage batteries are installed at public facilities to be

yokohama vpp

used as disaster shelters or evacuation places. In addition to
VPP operation at normal times, the storage batteries will be
served as “emergency power sources” in emergencies
involving power failures, contributing to regional resistance
to disasters. This is deemed a “Yokohama-Type VPP.”

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