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Circulating Ecological Economy

Last updated date:2020/9/15

Using Renewable Energy to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Broad-Area Supply of Renewable Energies in Collaboration with Other Municipalities

Yokohama’s current potential to create renewable energies is about 10% of current electric power consumption (according to Ministry of the Environment), and in order to proceed with conversion to renewable energies, it is necessary that they be supplied from outside the city through broad-area collaboration.
Yokohama has concluded agreements on renewable energies with 12 municipalities with abundant renewable resources based on the concept of Circulating Ecological Economy.

carbon neutral realization

RE potential

Municipalities having agreements with Yokohama

・Yokohama Town in Aomori Prefecture
・Kuji City, Ninohe City, Kuzumaki Town, Fudai Village, Karumai Town, Noda Village, Kunohe Village, Hirono Town and Ichinohe Town, all under the jurisdiction of the Northern Iwate Regional Development Bureau in Iwate Prefecture
・Aizuwakamatsu City and Koriyama City, both in Fukushima Prefecture

Electric power supplied through collaboration

■Electric power from Yokohama Town in Aomori Prefecture supplied to companies in Yokohama City
■Electric power from Ichinohe Town in Iwate Prefecture supplied to companies and to residents in Yokohama City

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