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Dialing 119 in a foreign language

Last updated date:2019/11/6



An operator in commanding section will have the fire engine or ambulance dispatched as they receive the site and other information from your 119 emergency call.
If this call was made in any language other than Japanese, an operator might not be able to receive accurate information.


So, if you are not sufficient in speaking Japanese, and in order to report accurate information…


When you are at your home or office, please ask your acquaintance who speaks Japanese to make a 119 call.
(※Please give them your information (your address, phone number, name and age) in advance in case of emergency)

外出先等で場所などがうまく伝えられない場合は、 通報依頼カードを利用して近くにいる日本語を話すことができる人に通報を依頼する。

If you are unfamiliar with the location and feel difficulty in explaining the site, use the “Report Request Card” to ask anyone near you who can speak Japanese to make 119 call.
(※Remember to always have the “Report Request Card” with you.This Card can be downloaded from our homepage ).

“Report Request Card”(通報依頼カード)

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