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The Appeal of Doing Business in Yokohama

Last updated date:2024/3/15

Access to major markets and cities throughout Japan and the world

Yokohama is accessible from other cities by train, highway, and air. It is directly connected to the neighboring Tokyo, and connected to other major cities in Japan such as Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka by bullet train. Additionally, the city is well connected with roadways such as Tomei Expressway and Metropolitan Expressway. Additionally, the city is easily accessible from Haneda Airport, making it easy to access other cities in Japan and overseas from Yokohama.

Concentration of automotive industry and R&D facilities

Manufacturing such as the automotive industry, IT, and life science industry facilities are concentrated in Yokohama. There are also many R&D hubs in the city. In addition, large numbers of people visit the city for international conferences and sightseeing.

Large pool of professionals

Yokohama is strives to be an academic city, and the city has fostered an excellent pool of qualified professionals. Public research institutions and support institutions for R&D, etc. are located in Yokohama, and industry-academia-government collaborative research projects are actively conducted. The city is a perfect environment for corporate R&D where professionals and engineering experts who live in the city can pursue their field of expertise.

A convenient and comfortable place to live

Yokohama has an environment where different languages and cultures can co-exist. It is comfortable for employees of foreign-affiliated companies and their families to live in Yokohama, where a high QOL (Quality of Life) is guaranteed. Yokohama is popular among Japanese people, and always ranks highly as a city where people want to live in Japan. The city has a lot to offer, from a beautiful cityscape, rich nature, accessibility, education, medical care, and more. Yokohama also boasts a variety of restaurants, shopping facilities, and tourist spots to enjoy in your time off.

Promoting Open Innovation

■The project promotes the entry of businesses into new fields and supports the development of technologies
to solve new social issues such as GX and carbon neutrality, as well as providing support to SMEs and start-ups
working on research and development of deep tech.

 ▶Health and medical field(外部サイト)
 ▶Advanced technology(AI/IoT)field(外部サイト)

YOXO BOX(外部サイト)
City of Yokohama has set up the YOXO BOX, the base to support growth of startups. It provides support
programs for startups, individual consultations by experts of supporting startups, and business events.

Yokohama Future Organization(外部サイト)
Yokohama Future Organization aims to promote creating innovation by supporting players who take on new
challenges in collaboration with people who are active in Yokohama, in Japan, and outside Japan. It coordinates
collaboration of human resources and ideas across organizational boundaries. It also aims to build a future city
by promoting demonstration experiments and social implementation that will generate innovation in Yokohama
as a field.

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