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Customer service center

For questions and inquiries about waterworks, please contact our customer service center.

Yokohama Waterworks Bureau Customer Service Center
TEL 045-847-6262
FAX 045-848-4281
Your calls are welcome anytime.Please contact the customer service center in Japanese.
  • Application to start and requests to end the service at the time of moving (for moves inside Yokohama city, this process can be done with only 1 telephone call.)
  • Inquiries about payment methods such as automatic transfers
  • Orders for delivery of emergency canned water and bottled water
  • Requests for water quality inspections
  • Applications for visits to waterworks facilities
  • Inquiries about current status of water sources, waterworks construction, water outages, etc.
  • Other inquiries related to waterworks

Applications to start and requests to end the service via internet

Requests to start or end the service can be made via internet. (only Japanese version available)

In principle, we accept offers anytime. But please note that internet service may be stopped without prior notice for maintenance work.

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