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Bottled "Hamakko-Doshi The Water" and protection of water sources

Great Tasting Water from Doshi-no-Mori Forest
- Official Water of the City of Yokohama -

"Hamakko-Doshi The Water "

"Hamakko-Doshi The Water " is great tasting water which is sourced from the natural bounty of the limpid stream that flows into the "Doshi river" in Minami-Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi, which is the water source of Yokohama City.

Part of the profits from sales of "Hamakko-Doshi The Water " is donated to the "Doshi Forest Foundation", and used for the volunteer activities by citizens for the water conservation forest.

Doshi Water Conservation Forest

The water conservation forest is also called the "green dam", and performs significant three functions of "storing water", "purifying water" and "preventing flooding". In order to maintain and improve such functions, we are implementing various efforts in Doshi village, the water resources of the city of Yokohama.

Protection and Enhancement of Water Conservation Forest

Doshi village, Minami-tsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, where Doshi River, the water resources of the city of Yokohama runs through. Yokohama Waterworks Bureau has kept the water conservation forest in this village since 1916. It is currently as large as 2,873ha, accounting for about 36% of the total area of the village, and about same size as Tsuzuki-ku in the city of Yokohama. We set up the "Water Conservation Forest Management Office" and perform the various activities to protect and enhance the water conservation forest as planned, including the thinning, pruning and weeding.

Volunteer Activities for Doshi Water Conservation Forest

About 3,700ha of private forests in Doshi village plays a role of the water conservation forest. However, due to shortage of labor, some forests are not appropriately maintained. Such private forests have been maintained by civil volunteers since 2004.
The maintenance is promoted in cooperation with the volunteer organization "Doshi Water Conservation Forest Volunteers' Association", which was founded by the participants of such volunteer activities. We also foster the maintenance activities by NPO or local volunteer groups. In 2007, we started the activities by junior volunteers (high school students).

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