Yokohama Smart City Project YSCP



Community Energy Management System

Controlling renewable energy by absorbing variations in a local community's power consumption through the integration of stationary batteries with HEMS and BEMS which have been introduced in the area, thereby empowering consumers to make efficient use of electricity.
Also, we construct a storage battery SCADA, which manages the various batteries as a single one and conducted peak cuts.


Energy Management for Detached Houses

Realizing visualization of energy consumption and demonstrating the demand response (DR) function integrated with CEMS by integrating power generators such as solar cells and fuel cell batteries, storage batteries with home electric appliances such as air conditioners.


Energy Management for Commercial Buildings

Establishing smart BEMS which optimizes energy supply to an entire building by controlling cogenerators, storage batteries and EV charging and discharging infrastructure. Realizing automated demand response in accordance with incentives.


Energy Management for Factories

Conducting optimum control of energy for an entire factory through peak cut operation and demand schedule operation by integrating redox flow batteries, concentrate photovoltaic systems and gas engine generators.


Chargeable and Dischargeable EVs

Conducting automated settings for charging and discharging based on PV output, electric consumption and EV usage patterns, etc. by integrating HEMS and BEMS with EV data center. Additionally, we make peak cuts by creating a system that combines batteries and high-speed chargers and by coordinating it with CEMS; we can regularize the territory's electricity feed.

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