Yokohama Smart City Project YSCP

A large scale demand response demonstration experiment with citizen participation

Under YSCP, one of Japan's largest full-scale demand response (electricity consumption management request with incentive, hereinafter DR) demonstration experiments will be conducted from April 2013. Yokohama City is encouraging introduction of HEMS, aiming at increasing the number of households with the systems to 4,000 by fiscal 2014.

DR demonstration experiment

Through the "visualization" function of HEMS, citizens are asked to proactively conserve energy and electricity by confirming when, where and how much electricity is used at home.


Citizens are asked to conserve energy during peak load periods (peak cut) and shift electricity consumption period (peak shift) in accordance with a "virtual electricity rate menu for energy conservation" which shows electricity price differentials between peak consumption periods in summer and winter and other times.

"Virtual electricity rate menu for enegy conservation"
DR demonstration in Yokohama City
  • Setting higher rates during peak load periods to validate price elasticity.
  • To make two other groups, one with and one without advisory information on energy conservation, in order to validate effects of information provision as well as price.
Subsidy system in Yokohama City

Starting with HEMS, Yokohama City has made subsidy system that implements introducing of efficient energy equipment with solar power, batteries and fuel cells.

In the port of Yokohama, we are raising the idea of "establishing the eco port" and implementing modal shifts from truck transport to maritime and railway shipping and we are cooperating with businesses to make street lighting energy-saving and efficient.
In March 2013, Wing Maritime Service Co., Ltd. started using an "environmental friendly tag boat with a hybrid impulse system" for the first time in Japan.
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