A What of Grain

FutureCity Project

Minato Mirai 2050 project

It has been more than 30 years since the start of development of the Minato Mirai 21 district. In light of changes in society over the years, it is important that the community be responsive to the needs of a new era. These include active approaches on global warming countermeasures and BLCP (Business, Living, Continuity, Planning) measures based on the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Toward making "FutureCity Yokohama" the smartest and most attractive city in the world, we will work across administrative lines, strengthening efforts in four areas. In this way, the value of Yokohama's symbol, Minato Mirai 21, will be bolstered, enhancing the appeal of the entire city.

Model Project for a Sustainable Residential District

In suburban residential areas where birth rates are declining and populations are aging, various problems are rising to the surface. In order to promote development of communities where all can live where they wish, in peace and with assurance, a Model Project for a Sustainable Residential District is being carried out in four differing districts: the Tama Plaza Station North Area, in Aoba Ward; Yokodai, in Isogo Ward; Tokaichiba-cho, in Midori Ward; and along the Sagami Railway Izumino Line.

Short Shorts x FutureCity Yokohama Short Film "A Wheat of Grain"

"Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia," an Academy Awards official international short film festival, led by Tetsuya Bessho, created short film on the theme "FutureCity."

Story:A French baker, Eriko, makes a sudden visit to a historical bakery in Yokohama. "The bread is crying," she says to the bakery owner Honda. The old and stubborn Honda seems incompatible with Eriko who is free spirited. They have different attitudes towards the craft of bread making, but they start to feel mutual respect as they make bread together. And the purpose of Eriko's visit, which is to find the original bread recipe, leads the lives of these two individuals in an unexpected direction. A story that reaches across borders and time in the city of Yokohama.