FutureCity Yokohama

In December 2011, Yokohama City was selected by the national government as FutureCity aimed at creating and promoting solutions for a variety of social issues, related to the environment and the super-aging society.


In the last 60 years, the population of Yokohama City has increased 3.5 fold. As a result, energy consumption has been ever increasing.

In addition, the city is facing the issues of a super-aging society. According to one estimate, the number of senior citizens will reach one million by 2025.

The most important thing for the creation of a vibrant city in such circumstances is economic activity.

"FutureCity" initiative is to create a vibrant city through comprehensive initiatives that address the above challenges.
This is exactly the kind of future Yokohama City is aiming for. Yokohama City is making efforts in 5 categories: "low carbon and energy conservation", "water and environment", "super-ageing society", "creativity" and "challenge". By taking advantages of synergistic effects to grow a wide range of areas, Yokohama City is working to develop a well-balanced and vibrant city.


To realize a city where "people want to live" and "everyone is active," and to improve the quality of life in three areas, environmental, social and economic, by meeting challenges such as global warming, energy conservation and the super-aging society.

Initiatives for Goals

The initiatives of FutureCity Yokohama, are characterized by "citizens' power" and "city renovation."

Since the opening of Yokohama Port, citizens of Yokohama City have independently created new values through their spirit of enterprise by introducing products and technologies from other countries. The capacities to accept diversity, create values and solve problems are in the DNA of Yokohama.

The diversity of Yokohama City can also be seen in its cityscape. The city center provides convenience for business activities as well as numerous attractions for tourists, including beautiful districts and historical buildings centered by the port. Moreover, the tranquil residential area is extensive and agriculture flourishes in suburban areas. Based on its diversity, Yokohama City will advance "city renovation" to introduce the latest technologies and systems in a number of areas including the environment, medicine, welfare and the economy.

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