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Floor Guide of Naka Ward Office


                          Main Procedures   
Family Registry Div. Certificate Counter Resident Certificate, Personal Seal Certificate.Japanese : Certificate of All Records of Family Registry, Certificate of Individual Records of Family Registry


Number Main Procedures    Telephone Number
21 Report of Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death 045-224-8291
22 My Number Notification Card  045-224-8298
23 Moving in/out, Personal Seal Registration, Enrollment in Elementary and Junior High schools, Residential Address Indication, Basic Resident Register Card, Public Personal Authentication 045-224-8295
24 National Health Insurance Benefits (High Medical Expenses, Lump-Sum Allowance for Childbirth, etc.), Medical Expense Subsidy for Children, Medical Expense Subsidy for Single-Parent Families, Latter-Stage Elderly Healthcare System 045-224-8317
25 Entry into/Change to National Health Insurance or Long-Term Care Insurance, Certificate of Insurance 045-224-8315
26 Consultations regarding Insurance Payments 045-224-8313
27 National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) 045-224-8311


Number Main Procedures    Telephone Number
31 Social Security 045-224-8248
31 Consultation Counter for Living Support 045-224-8250


Number Main Procedures    Telephone Number
41 Social Security Benefits 045-224-8144
42 Payments of / Consultations on Municipal Resident Tax 045-224-8229
43 Municipal and Prefectural Resident Tax Declarations, Light Vehicle Tax 045-224-8191
44 Fixed Asset Tax (Housing Property) 045-224-8204
45 Fixed Asset Tax (Land) 045-224-8201
46 Taxation Certificate Issuance Counter (Taxation Certificate of Municipal and Prefectural Resident Tax, Tax Payment Certificate, Fixed Asset Assessment Certificate, Motorbike Registration (125cc or less), etc


Number Main Procedures    Telephone Number
51 General Consultations on Welfare and Health, Elderly Support, Application for Certification of Needed Long-Term Care, Senior Citizens’ Pass 045-224-8161~2
52 Certification of Needed Long-Term Care 045-224-8163~4
53 Disabled Support 045-224-8165~6
54 Child Allowance, Child Raising Allowance, Child-Care Support (Maternal and Child Handbook, Entering Nursery Schools, Consultations on Child-Rearing, School Cooperation and Children Support, Baby Health Checkup [Location: Naka Ward Office Annex]) 045-224-8171


Number Main Procedures Telephone Number
61 Disaster Management, Temporary Plate Number for Vehicle 045-224-8112~4
62 Statistical Survey, Elections 045-224-8116
63 Public Relations, Public Hearing, Application for Freedom of Information Request, Planning and Coordination of Main Local Projects, Consultation Corner for Community Rulemaking 045-224-8121
64 Residents’ and Neighborhood Associations, Crime Prevention, Traffic Safety 045-224-8131
64 Yokohama 3Rs  Promotion, Community Clean-up 045-224-8140
65 Culture and Sports Promotion, Management of Community Center, etc., Youth Fosterage, Lifelong Learning Support 045-224-8134

+ Naka Ward Office Annex +

Number Main Procedures Telephone Number
401 Social worker,Child committee, Regional Health and welfare plan, Administrative operations for district care plazas/ Health and welfare project locations  045-224-8151,8330
402 Consultation on immunization/ nutrition and infectious diseases, Cancer screening, Application of medical cost of tuberculosis 045-224-8332~4
411 Prevention of food poisoning, Consultation on food sanitation, Application of food business and pharmacy 045-224-8337~8
412 Consulation on environmental sanitation, Bee extermination, Dog registration, Consultations on dogs and cats  045-224-8339~40


+Naka Public Works Office+

Main Service
2nd Floor
Public Works Office (Doboku Jimusho)
Administration Sec. (Kanri-kakari)

Maintainance of Roads, Application for Occupancy of Roads, Rivers, etc.

Road Sec. (Douro-kakari)
Maintainance Work of Roads
Sewage and Park Sec. (Gesuidou Kouen-kakari)
Maintainance Work of Sewage lines or Parks