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 Living Information

Entering public elementary schools in Yokohama 

Children born between April 2, 2011 and April 1, 2012 are eligible to enter elementary school in April 2018. Households (including those of foreign residents) with eligible children will receive “Nyugaku Annai” (guide to enrolling in school, in Japanese) in September. If you plan to enroll your child(ren) in a public elementary school in Yokohama, please bring the “Nyugaku Annai” and the child's Residence Card to the Toroku Tanto at Counter 23 (second floor) of the Naka Ward Office to enroll.
   “Nyugaku Annai” will not be sent if the child is not registered as a resident. In such cases, please consult with a Toroku Tanto staff member.

* Children who are Japanese nationals will receive a “Shugaku Tsuchi” (notice of school enrollment) in mid-October. No registration procedures are required, but a health checkup is mandatory. Please have your child take the checkup on the designated day.

 Note: Parents of children with dual nationality who will attend an international school are requested to contact the Toroku Tanto.

< Naka Ward Office Toroku (registration) Tanto Tel: 045-224-8295 >

High-School Admission Guidance

High-School Admission Guidance for Non-Native Speakers of Japanese (free interpretation service available)
 information on high-school admission including types of high schools, entrance examinations for foreign residents, and school costs. One-onone consultation is also available.

★ September 24 (Sun.), 13:00 – 16:00
★ Nishi Public Hall (10- minute walk from the Southwest Exit of Yokohama Station)
<ME-net: info@me-net.or.jp >


Applications for April 2018 daycare will be accepted from October 13 until November 10 (by mail) 

Daycare centers will look after children whose parents are working or have an illness that prevents them from looking after their children during the day. Daycare is available from the end of the mother's maternity leave until the child begins elementary school, but different daycare facilities have different age ranges for the children in their care.
  Persons who wish to place their child in daycare beginning in April 2018 will need to apply by post by November 10 (Tuesday). A screening will be held according to City of Yokohama standards.

 *Applications will also be accepted at the counter in the Ward Office between Wednesday, November 15 and Friday, November 17th.

<Naka Ward Office Kodomo Katei Shienka (Children and Families Support Division), Tel: 045-224-8172>

Use your new National Health Insurance Card from October 1

New National Health Insurance Cards are mailed out simultaneously in September to households with a registered member. Please use the new card from October 1.
  Members with unpaid premiums will be issued a tankisyo(a card with a short period of validity) or a shikaku shomeisho(the user must first pay for 100 percent of the cost of the visit to a medical institution).

<Naka Ward Hoken-kakari (Health Insurance Section) Tel:045-224-8315>

Free Telephone Counseling in 5 languages

Kanagawa Administrative Lawyers (Gyoseisyoshi) Association offers free counseling by Administrative Lawyers on Residence Status including Permanent Status, Naturalization etc. and its proceedings in five languages. Your private information is kept strictly confidential. Please do not hesitate to call ! 

Time: 13:30~16:30 (Free)  Tel: 045-227-5560

【Bring Families,Change/Renewal of Resident Status, Permanent Resident Status, Naturalization, Marriage to an Alien/Divorce etc, Formation of Corporation】
Japanese, English, Chinese: Every Friday
Spanish, Portuguese: 2nd & 4th Friday

※Individual counseling under contract with an Administrative Lawyer (Gyoseisyoshi) will be charged.

Applications for Temporary Welfare Benefits Now Accepted

In order to alleviate the impact of the increase in the consumption tax rate implemented in April, 2014, Temporary Welfare Benefits are provided to low income earners as provisional/temporary support until the introduction of an institutional program.

Eligible persons:
(1) Persons registered in the basic resident registry of Yokohama City on January 1, 2017
(2) Persons not taxed for municipal tax purposes for FY2017
  However, persons who are a dependent of a person who pays municipal tax, and persons who receive public assistance, are not eligible.

Benefit amount: 15,000 yen per person

Application method: To receive the Temporary Welfare Benefits, an application must be submitted.
Those who may be eligible will be sent a notice.
Please fill out the enclosed application form and mail it in early.

Application period: March 6 to September 6 (postmark date)

Inquiries: Tel: 0120-391-370

If you have a My Number Card, you will be able to get a resident card at a convenience store


From the end of January (planned), you will be able to obtain various certificates such as copies of your certificate of residence and seal registration certificate by using your My Number Card at convenience store.
Moreover, if you obtain a certificate at a convenience store, the fee will be 50 yen lower than at the ward office or other local government office.


For information about the My Number system, go to


Yokohama City Call Center: 045-664-2525 (English, Chinese, Spanish)

Get vaccination and antibody testing for fūshin (rubella)

If a pregnant woman is infected with rubella, it can lead to the baby being born with defects in its eyes, ears, and heart. Women who are planning pregnancy should receive a rubella shot together with their partner. Antibody tests can be received once for free.

 Period: until March 31, 2018

 Subject: Women planning pregnancy and their partners and partners of pregnant women, as well as women who are over 19 years of age and who have not received a measles-rubella vaccine or rubella vaccine more than twice.

 Fee: ¥3,300 (measles-rubella vaccine)

<Naka Ward Office Fukushi Hoken-ka (Health and Welfare Division) Tel 045-224-8332>


Has Your Baby Taken the Infant Health Checkup?

This checkup is important for confirming that your child is reaching his or her development milestones. It also offers a chance to consult about childraising.
If you need interpretation, please call YOKE (045- 222-1209).

● Checkup categories:

measurement of height and weight, confirmation of development milestones by a doctor. At the 18-month and three-year checkup, a dental check is also given. The checkup takes 60 to 90 minutes in total

● Ages: Checkups are given at four months,
18 months and three years of age. The checkup date is determined by your child’s birthdate.
When the checkup period approaches, a guide will be sent in English or Chinese based on nationality. Please come to the Naka Ward Kenshin/Yobo Sesshu (Health Checkup and Immunization) Center on the indicated day (from May, the center will be located in the Naka Ward Office Annex.)

If you cannot bring your child on the indicated day, please contact the Kodomo Katei Shien-ka.

<Children and Families Support Division at the Naka Ward Office Tel: 045-224-8171>


 Get Your Child Vaccinated

Free vaccinations, including Hib, pediatric pneumococcus, DPT-IPV (called yonshu-kongo in Japan), BCG, MR, Japanese encephalitis, DT, HepatitisB, Chickenpox and others are available at cooperating medical institutions.
A vaccination coupon will be sent out for children at the eligible age, except for the second-stage Japanese encephalitis vaccinations.
If you are a new resident of Naka Ward or lost the coupon, please contact the officers below.

<Naka Ward Office, Kenko Tsukuri Kakari, Tel: 045-224-8332>


We can not tell when the great earthquake occurs. Let's make preparation for it from usually to protect yourself and your family.

● Have at least three days' worth of drinking waterand food ready

Drinking water
(3 liters per personper day)

(crackers, cannedfood and other items that don't require cooking
Emergency toilet set(containing coagulant,disposal bags, etc. Sold athome centers.)

● Place important items in a backpack and leave it in an easily accessible location Include things such as a flashlight (don't forget extra batteries), a portable AM/FM radio, drinking water, food, a copy of your Residence Card.

● Secure furniture to prevent it from tipping over Many people have diedafter being trapped by furniture that tipped over.

● Know where to evacuate
For life-threatening fires → Evacuation Areas Designated areas in the Naka Ward area: Honmoku Sancho Park, Negishi Shinrin Park, Minato no Mieru Oka Park, Momijigaoka neighborhood, Nogeyama Park.

When your home has collapsed or burned → Evacuation Shelter
Each area has a designated evacuation center. Confirm where the
evacuation center is with a neighbor. Evacuation centers hold an
annual evacuation drill. Join the drill and get to know the people in
your neighborhood so you'll know what to do.

<Naka Ward Office, Soumuka, Counter 61 (sixth floor) Tel: 045-224-8112>




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