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Important Information(重要情報)



Highlight (ハイライト)

Living Information(生活情報)

“Dining room for children”in Naka Ward

Applications for Temporary Welfare Benefits Now Accepted

If you have a My Number Card, you will be able to get a resident card at a convenience store

Availability of School Guidance

Get vaccination and antibody testing for fūshin (rubella)

Has Your Baby Taken the Infant Health Checkup?

Get Your Child Vaccinated

We can not tell when the great earthquake occurs. Let's make preparation for it from usually to protect yourself and your family.


Naka Ward Office Service Counter Guide(中区役所窓口案内)

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    4 46 
    6 97     

Event Information(イベント情報)


Yokohama Flower and Green Spring Fair (4/7~9)

25th Ookagawa River Cherry Blossom Festival (4/1.2)

African Festival Yokohama 2017 (3/24~26)

Earth Hour 2017 in Yokohama (3/25)

Mr. Jack’s 100 Years of Murmurs (3/19)

Yokohama Three Towers Day (3/11.12)

Tuberculosis examinations and health consultations for foreign residents (3/5)

Volunteers provide Japanese language support for non-Japanese parents and children(Every First Thursday)

Institution List


 About Naka Ward Office(中区役所について)

Facility Information / Location Map(施設案内/庁舎案内)


Foreign Language Publications Issued by Naka Ward Office(中区役所発行多言語広報紙)



Naka Ward Town News(English)      


Multilingual Information(多言語による情報)

Link (リンク)

Machine Translation (Naka Ward Web Site) (中区役所ページ機械翻訳)

The Web sites of Naka Ward (Japanese version) is machine-translated into English. The translations may not always be accurate because they are performed through an automatic translation machine and sometimes may differ from the original Japanese Web sites. 



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