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Flat Fares

Municipal bus fares
Most municipal bus routes have
flat rate fares.
Note: A maximum of two infants at or over the age of six
may ride free of charge per their parent or guardian.
Adult 220yen (cash) / 216yen (PASMO/Suica)
Child 110yen (cash) / 108yen (PASMO/Suica)

Routes that include distance-based (per kilometer) fares

Ordinary Adult fare (Children : half the adult fare)

route: 40   Nagatsuda Sta.
  Koen-mae 180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
Wakabadai-chuo 220 (cash)
216 (PASMO/Suica)
220 (cash)
216 (PASMO/Suica)

route: 94         Kanazawaku
        Kanazawa-bunko 180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
      Kami-nishishiba 180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
200 (cash)
195 (PASMO/Suica)
    Nagahama 180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
220 (cash)
216 (PASMO/Suica)
  Keisanji-mae 180 (cash)
175 (PASMO/Suica)
200 (cash)
195 (PASMO/Suica)
200 (cash)
195 (PASMO/Suica)
240 (cash)
238 (PASMO/Suica)
Tomioka bus terminal 220 (cash)
216 (PASMO/Suica)
220 (cash)
216 (PASMO/Suica)
230 (cash)
227 (PASMO/Suica)
240 (cash)
238 (PASMO/Suica)
240 (cash)
238 (PASMO/Suica)

Discount connection fares


To reduce the cost of having to make connections due to reorganization of bus routes and stops, passengers paying by cash or smart card can travel on the second leg of their journeys for free.

How to use

 When boarding at a bus stop where "connection tickets" are issued, tell the driver that you wish to make a connection.

 After paying your fare, take a connection ticket.

 Alight at a "designated connection stop" and catch your connecting bus.

 When you board your connection, give the driver your connection ticket.

Notes on use

 Connection tickets can be used only by the recipient on the day of issue.

 Connection tickets are issued only to cash or smart card users, and not to users of travel passes or senior citizen passes, etc.

 Connection tickets can only be obtained at connection ticket issuing stops.
*They are not available at other bus stops.

 Connections can only be made at designated connection stops.
*They cannot be used for connections from other stops.

 Connection tickets cannot be used on late-night buses.

Routes on which connection tickets can be used and stops where they can be obtained

Connection routes: 301-306 and others

Section of travel Eda Station or Nakamachidai Station bound services ⇔ Center-Minami Station bound services
・Date of commencement March 30, 2008
・Connection stops: Tsuzuki-Fureai-no-Oka, Ikeda, Mikagebashi

Connection routes: 65-23

・Section of travel Kirigaoka bound services ⇔ Nakayama Station bound services
・Date of commencement June 28, 2010
・Connection stops: To-kaichiba, To-kaichiba Station-mae

Connection routes: 300-301

・Section of travel Shin-Yokohama Station bound services ⇔ Eda Station bound services
・Date of commencement November 8, 2010
・Connection stops: Nakamachidai Station

Disability discount program

  Please see this page.

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