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Replacement Transport

Q&As on replacement transport

Q1. When is replacement transport provided?

When train services have been interrupted and it has been judged that restoration of services will take some time.

Q2. Whose services can be used as replacement transport and on which sections?

A rail operator whose services have been interrupted can request other operators to provide replacement transport. The extent of services that can be used as replacement transport will vary according to the extent of the services affected, so please check for details at the time.

Q3. How do I make use of replacement transport?

You can get one by showing your travel pass at any of the stations served by the operator whose services have been affected. Please proceed through the ticket collector's gate instead of going through the automatic gates using your pass and replacement transport ticket. (Touch the automatic gate and the fare will be deducted from the SF (remaining charge)).

Furthermore, even if you don't have areplacement transport ticket, if you show the ticket that you do have to the ticket collector for the service that you are going to use, you may be able to use replacement transport. (Please refer to "How to use replacement transport")

Passengers who use a Mobile Suica travel pass should show the travel pass section screen to the ticket collector.

Q4. Do I need to pay any fare for use of replacement transport?

If you do not have a ticket to your final destination, you will be unable to use replacement transport. You will therefore have to pay the normal free for the section that you travel on.

Replacement transport can be taken using your pass and replacement ticket without having to pay a fare. Furthermore, if you travel beyond the section for which you do have a ticket, you will have to pay whatever fees are incurred by the additional section travelled.

Q5. Can I use the SF (remaining charge) from IC tickets, such as Suica or PASMO, to pay for replacement transport?

Replacement transport exists in order to allow passengers to make use of a ticket that they have already purchased, but on a different service. As IC tickets such as Suica and PASMO (aside from within the range of a travel pass) do not allow for confirmation of the station entered at or, in the case of something occurring that interferes with operation of a train while riding it, the section that has been travelled (if payment has not be made to travel all sections), they cannot be used to pay for replacement transport.

Q6. Can buses be used for replacement transport?

Depending on the subway company / station, in some cases replacement transport using regular bus routes is possible. Under these circumstances, you will need to receive a replacement transport ticket from the station at which the problem occurred. When using a regular bus route as replacement transport, you will need to show the replacement transport ticket to the bus driver on the replacement transport bus.

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