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1st January 2016:Yokohama's initiatives broadcasted on NHK WORLD [Tackling Climate Change]!

NHK WORLD "Tackling Climate Change -Japan's International Contribution-"

1. Outline of TV program

 At the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) which took place on December 2015, the nations of the world gathered to tackle urgent issues of climate change. The major one is how industrialized countries will provide assistance to developing countries in fighting global warming. This program shows how strongly JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency, is committed and focuses on JICA's contribution including Yokohama's initiatives. 
 The City of Yokohama has provided multi-sector cooperation such as energy conservation and solid waste management in cooperation with JICA.

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 arrowThe title of the program : "Tackling Climate Change -Japan's International Contribution-"

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                           1st January 2016                                   8:30- 9:00

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2. Past Achievement of Y-PORT in Bangkok, Thailand

   The Y-PORT Project is a project for international technical cooperation based on public-private partnership through the utilization of Yokohama's resources and technologies.City of Yokohama and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration concluded a memorandum toward sustainable urban development in October 2012.
   Y-PORT is providing multi-sector cooperation including energy conservation and waste disposal under the Formulation of Bangkok Master Plan on Climate Change which is being assisted by JICA.
   In addition, siming at utilizing the Joint Credit Mechanism (JCM) promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, Y-PORT is supporting business matching opportunities between private firms with low carbon technologies and local needs. Various workshops with diversified participation is being held. This is happening through efforts such as holding workshops in the local area, conducted by four parties from both the cities and the companies based in them since fiscal year 2014.