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Y-PORT Inquiry

  On April 1, 2011, the City of Yokohama, aiming to help solve urban development issues in emerging countries and to vitalize Yokohama's economy, established the Y-PORT Inquiry for consultations and proposals in order to proactively promote international technical cooperation based on the private-public partnership, "Y-PORT Project (Yokohama Partnership of Resources and Technologies)", which utilizes resources and technologies Yokohama possesses.

Any comments and ideas about international technical cooperation are appreciated.
Should you are interested in Y-PORT Project, kindly send us e-mail by clicking the mail address below.

It would be grateful if you add the following information:

  • Add "Y-PORT INQUIRY" at the head of the subject
  • Add the following information in the body
  1. Your name and e-mail address
  2. Name and address of your company or organization
  3. Website URL of your company or organization (if available)

Achievements of the Y-PORT Inquiry

Main content Consultations and proposals concerning collaboration with Yokohama's technologies and know-hows exemplified by sustainable urban development
Number of consultations
and proposals received
58 cases(As of March 2015)
-48 cases from private businesses, etc. in Japan,
-10 cases from cities overseas, etc.
 *Including inquiries.

Major cases of proposals actualized (or being actualized)

  • Co-organization of the Smart City Week (2011 to 2014)
  • Implementation of a feasibility study on the development of stations in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia