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For Private Enterprises

Introducing Support Measures for Overseas Development

  The City of Yokohama is working on the formation of public-private partnership projects with private enterprises involved with infrastructure and environmental businesses by taking advantage of the city's experience in urban development and its network with cities overseas.
  The city invites you to participate in the Y-PORT Project according to the progress levels and phases of your business.

1. Organizing Workshops for stakeholders in Yokohama

  The City of Yokohama organizes events in which information and opinions can be exchanged between such stakeholders as the city, private enterprises, the national government, and public organizations in order to promote the overseas development of private enterprises in urban infrastructure projects in emerging cities, etc. through the efforts of the Y-PORT Project.
  The city is looking forward to your participation whether you want to create a network with other stakeholders or regard this as a starting point to join in Y-PORT project.

Forum/Exhibition (Yokohama Day in Smart City Week, etc.)

  • Yokohama Day in Smart City Week 2014  2013

2. Organizing joint on-site activities in overseas cities between the City of Yokohama and private enterprises

  In overseas cities, the City of Yokohama organizes workshops for introducing private enterprises based in Yokohama to local administrative officers and local enterprises and for business matching between enterprises. It also conducts joint surveys that include on-site surveys and opinion exchange with local stakeholders.

On-site joint surveys (urban infrastructure-related facilities for waste management, water environment, etc.)

On-site workshops (business matching, etc.)

3. Opening the gate for inquiries and proposals regarding business plans, etc. from private enterprises

  The city has opened the gate for inquiries and proposals regarding international technical cooperation and overseas development. Those of you who have a specific business idea, please click the button below.


                 Y-PORT Inquiry                 

4. Introducing on-going and completed projects, etc.

  The following introduces cases the Y-PORT Project has supported so far. Please have a look as a reference for your future overseas development.

Introducing on-going and completed projects