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For Cities Overseas

Partnerships between cities

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  Since the opening of the Yokohama Port, The City of Yokohama has incorporated various technologies and cultural aspects through international trade and exchanges, and has made remarkable development as a base of Japan's modernization through Yokohama's unique technological innovations. However, along the couse of overcoming in urbon issues, Yokohama has experienced natural disasters, wars, population increase, pollution, etc., and it was not achieved easily at all.

  We are quite certain that technologies and know-hows to solve urban development issues that Yokohama has faced will greatly contribute as solutions to urban development issues in Asian cities in emerging economies.

  The City of Yokohama collaborates with a number of excellent private enterprises in Yokohama possessing the latest environmental technologies, international organizations and academic institutions to propose appropriate solutions to urban development issues from various fields and methods.

  The city has concluded the "Memorandum of Understanding on Technical Cooperation for Sustainable Urban Development" with Cebu City, the Philippines, and is currently encouraging the participation of private enterprises and academic institutions. In July 2012, the city conducted joint surveys in Cebu with private enterprises, which resulted in project formation of SMEs in Yokohama. The city has built partnership with Da Nang People's Committee, Vietnam, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand and Batam City, Indonesia as well.

  Case of Cebu City