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Asia Smart City Conference

  The City of Yokohama has organized the "Y-PORT Project," an international technical cooperation project based on private-public partnership, and is harnessing overseas expansion of private enterprises in Yokohama and promoting the city itself. The City of Yokohama, which is selected as “Future City” by the Cabinet Office, has been holding the Asia Smart City Conference every year since 2012 as part of the Y-PORT projects, in which the City of Yokohama accelerates overseas operations of companies based in Yokohama and shares its know-how on smart cities.

  As part of the project, the city started the "Asia Smart City Conference" in 2012 by inviting mayors from emerging Asian countries and international organizations.
  For the first conference held in 2012, policy decision makers such as mayors or vice mayors from 11 cities, for the second held in 2013, those from 21 cities, and for the third held in 2014, those from 22 cities, for the fourth held in 2015, those from 21 cities, for the fifth held in 2016, those from a record number of 46 cities participated. In addition, a number of international and research organizations including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), as well as the Government of Japan, participated to interact ideas for the development of sustainable cities.
  * The conference is invitational.

Asia Smart City Conference 2017

The 5th Asia Smart City Conference Englishnew



Asia Smart City Alliance: ASCA


  Following our 4th Asia Smart City Conference Declaration (Yokohama Declaration) at the conference, we are delighted to launch the Facebook page of the Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA).

  The ASCA aims to enhance City to City Cooperation towards smart city development in Asian region to deliver knowledge on smart city development to City Leaders. It employs holistic approach to create urban solutions beyond existing sectoral approaches and to accelerate the importance of Long Term Vision in urban planning for smart city development.

  We regard the “Smart City Development” as sustainable city development through enhancing public private partnership (PPP), combining innovative technologies for better quality of life (QOL) of citizens at entire segments of society with measurable outcomes, while utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA) Secretariat
(Development Cooperation Division, International Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama)
E-mail: ki-asca@city.yokohama.jp