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Y-PORT Center

  Providing Smart Urban Solution to Cities through PPP and dialogue

Establishing a knowledge hub for smart city management

City of Yokohama, in collaboration with international research institution, network among cities, and leading private firms in Yokohama, will establish Y-PORT Center to provide smart urban solutions to cities in Asia and the world. The Center will actively seek further collaboration with donor agencies, global think tanks and urban service providers.

Outline of Y-PORT Center

  1. Inauguration
    25th May 2015
  2. Member
    Yokohama Urban Smart Sollution Alliance
     INTER ACTION Corporation
     Uyeno Green Solutions Ltd.
     Osumi Co., Ltd.
     CTC Co., Ltd.
     Suidou Technical Service Co., Ltd.
     Finetech Co., Ltd.
     Mansei Recycle Systems Co., Ltd.
     Unimation System Inc.
    JFE Engineering Corporation
    Chiyoda Corporation
    Hitachi, Ltd.
    Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
    CITYNET Yokohama Project Office
    City of Yokohama
  3. Prospectus(PDF:62KB)
  4. Special Adviser for Y-PORT Center

       Prof. Ryokichi Hirono, Professor Emeritus, Seikei University
       Dr. Bindu N. Lohani, Former Vice President, Asisa Development Bank
       Prof. Hiroshi Nagaoka, Professor, Tokyo City University
       Ms. Mary Jane Ortega, Special Adviser, CITYNET
       Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resoueses Insrtitute (WRI)
       Dr. Alfonzo Vegara, President, Fundación Metrópoli  

Proposed Functions of Y-PORT Center

Formulating the market for environmental technologies through institutional development in emerging economies

  • Supporting Master Plan formulation for cities in collaboration with JICA, ADB, etc.
  • Developing valid regulation and human resources in cities by utilizing Yokohama's past experiences of urban development.
  • Conducting feasibility studies in collaboration with institutions of Y-PORT Center.
  • Formulating, presenting, and disseminating the framework of smart urban solutions (through international conferences, etc.).

Creating smart urban solutions through co-creation among cities and private firms

  • Proposing the "Best Available Solution" to cities through "co-creation" among cities, international agencies, and private firms (Y-PORT co-creation workshop, joint visits to cities, individual consulting, etc.).
  • Serving as one-stop shop to bring out Yokohama's knowledge and technologies.
  • Establishing a showcase for urban smart solutions in collaboration with private firms.

Understanding emerging urban needs and providing information for technical development and assistance

  • Providing comprehensive information to private firms.
  • Understanding the needs of cities in emerging economies and matching appropriate technologies possessed by private firms.
  • Functioning as an intermediary between private firms and the Japanese government, JICA, ADB and other international aid agencies.

Introducing technology of private firms in Yokohama to cities in emerging economies

  • Promoting technologies possessed by private firms in Yokohama to cities.
  • Creating business matching opportunities through Y-PORT co-creation workshops, joint visits to cities, surveys and other workshops,.
  • Establishing a showcase for urban smart solutions in collaboration with private firms.

Establishing Yokohama as a valuable center with urban solution knowledge and contributing to a global society

  • Establishing an Asia Smart City Alliance (ASCA) and organizing the annual Asia Smart City Conference.
  • Formulating, presenting, and disseminating the framework of smart urban solutions. (through international conferences, etc.).
  • Attracting overseas companies and institutions to Yokohama as a place for smart urban solutions.