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Peace City Resolutions

Resolution on Peace City Declaration

(December 7, 1970)
We earnestly desire lasting world peace, and welfare for all humanity.
Accordingly, the City of Yokohama assents to the purpose of the world federation, and hereby declares itself to be a peace city working with the peoples of the entire world to achieve everlasting peace.

Resolution on Non-Nuclear Peace City Declaration

(October 2, 1984)
Continuing world peace, and in particular the complete deterrence of nuclear warfare, is a common hope of the citizens of every country around the world.
However, a large number of nuclear weapons have accumulated on Earth, and a nuclear arms race is still continuing to this day, raising a serious threat to world peace.
Accordingly, the City of Yokohama wishes for the achievement of true, lasting peace and hereby declares itself to be a non-nuclear peace city, strongly desiring that our national policy of three anti-nuclear principles is completely enforced, and that every nuclear weapon in the world is abolished.
We hereby resolve the matters above.