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 City of Yokohama Promotional Video
Yokohama Rhythm (1 min.)
Yokohama Rhythm (3 min.)
This video was produced by City of Yokohama, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University (KMD)

Yokohama’s Efforts to Cultivate a Multicultural Society

The City of Yokohama perseveres in various efforts to develop a multicultural society.

Yokohama Cosmopolitan Community Development Project 

Yokohama Cosmopolitan Community Development Exploratory Committee

Based on the Yokohama International Community Development Guidelines established in March 2007, the city government, citizens, and staff of NGOs and public entities established the Yokohama International Community Development Promotion Committee in 2007 in pursuit of community development efforts promoting thoroughgoing internationalism.

Yokohama International Community Development Guidelines

Based on the reports of the Yokohama International Community Development Exploratory Committee comprising Japanese and foreign experts, the Yokohama International Community Development Guidelines were established in March 2007.

Support for Japanese Language Learning 

The population of foreign nationals residing in Yokohama City increases steadily every year, resulting in an ever-growing need to provide Japanese language learning support. Yokohama began assistive efforts for Japanese language learning programs in 2010 with the goal of establishing a local system in support of Japanese language acquisition.

Internationl Lounges

The City of Yokohama is setting up International Lounges in various wards throughout the city. These lounges provide living information, multilingual consultations for foreign residents, Japanese language classes, volunteer interpreter dispatch services and opportunities to participate in exchange activities with Japanese citizens. Civic activity groups, NPOs, public foundations and many citizen volunteers work together to operate the International Lounges.


Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) 

YOKE is a public foundation that carries out activities in support of foreign nationals living in Yokohama.