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kohoku ward office floor map

floor 1

Consultation , Disclosure of Information
1 in JapaneseGeneral Information
in JapanesePublic Relations
Family Registry Certificate
Resident/ Seal Certificate
2 in JapaneseAdministrative Certificates Issuance
Nursery School
Mother & Child Handbook (Boshi-Techo)
11 in JapaneseHealth & Welfare Guidance and Consultation
Certification of Long-term care need 12 in JapaneseElderly Support
in JapaneseLong-term Care Insurance
Assistance for Disabled Persons 13 in JapaneseDisabled People Support
Child Allowance
DV Consultation
14 in JapaneseChildren and Families Support
Livelihood Subsidy 15 in JapanesePublic Welfare


floor 2

Japanese and Non-Japanese
Resident Registration
Resident Certificate
Seal Registration
Change of Address
Information /Consultation
21 in JapaneseRegistration
Japanese and Non-Japanese
Municipal Schools
Enrollment , Consultation
Marriage , Divorce , Birth , Death 24 in JapaneseFamily Registry
National Pension Enrollment 25 in JapaneseNational Pension Plan
High Medical Costs Refund 26 in JapaneseNational Health Insurance
National Health Insurance Enrollment
Payment of Premium
28 in JapaneseAccounting
29 in JapaneseBank


floor 3

30 in JapaneseCertificates Issuance about Tax
Taxation of Municipal Tax 31 in JapaneseMunicipal Tax
Taxation on Light Motor Vehiclee 32
Payment of Arrears
Payment of Municipal Tax
Tax Payment Certificate
33 in JapaneseTax Arrears and Liquidation
in JapaneseTax Collection
Property Tax 34 in JapaneseBuilding and Depreciable Assets
Property Tax 35 in JapaneseLand Tax
36 in JapaneseAdministration Planning
in JapaneseProject Planning
Health Examination
Vaccination , HIV Test
37 in JapaneseHealth Promotion
Food Poisoning , Dog Registration etc. 38 in JapaneseFood Sanitation
Consultation Hornet/Rat etc. 39 in JapaneseEnvironmental Sanitation


floor 4

Ward Office Project Planning 42 in JapanesePlanning and Adjustment
Statistics , Election 43 in JapaneseStatistics and Elections
General Affairs , Disaster Prevention 44 in JapaneseGeneral Affairs
in JapaneseBudget Adjustment
International Exchange , Sports , Culture 45 in JapaneseLifelong Learning Support
in JapaneseWard Facilities
in JapaneseSchool Support and Regional Cooperation
Residents Association (Jichi-kai)
Neighborhood Association (Chonai-kai)
46 in JapaneseRegional Activities
in JapaneseRegional Empowerment Promotion
Waste , Recycling 47 in JapaneseResources Reuse Promotion
Lifelong-learning/Community Group
48 in JapaneseKohoku Ward Community Activity Center


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