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The Yokohama Green-Up plan


 The Yokohama Green Tax

   The Yokohama Green Tax introduced in FY2009 has played a significant role as a stable funding source to steadily underpin and promote the Yokohama Green-up plan (new and expanded policies).

*The Yokohama Green Tax is a per-capita levy on residential tax (Individuals: 900 yen per year in addition to residential tax, Companies: 9% of the annual corporate inhabitant tax levy).
* Expected total tax revenue: Annual average 2.4 billion JPY

Total expenditure: 52.2 billion JPY (Composed of revenues from national expenditure, city bond, general fund and Green tax)
Total spending of Green Tax: 9.6 billion JPY
*5-years figures (FY2009 to FY2013)
*Figures of FY2013 is budget basis

 Yokohama Green Fund

     The tax revenue is accumulated in the Yokohama Green Fund for the purpose of clarifying how Green Tax revenue is used and to make use of the multiple-year budget, which is allocated to policies and projects concerned with the three main policy pillars of 1) Forest conservation; 2) Farmland conservation; and 3) Greenery promotion.
     The main targets of budget allocation can include the conservation of designated forest areas and farmlands, the implementation of greening projects, the qualitative improvement of green spaces through proper maintenance and management, and the promotion of community participation in local projects.


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