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The Yokohama Green-Up plan


3 Policy pillars

Forest Conservation

     With careful consideration being given to the various environmental benefits forests provide, the city of Yokohama is aiming at preserving precious forest areas for future generations. In particular, the plan puts the priority on conserving sizable forest areas constituting a core of green networks within the region. In addition, the city is also working on arranging forest management and maintenance systems with active civic and corporate engagement.

-Designate forest protection areas / Land acquisition
-Forest management/maintenance with a careful consideration to biodiversity conservation and safety
-Foster human resources engaging in forest management
-Provide opportunities for citizens to experience nature provided by forests


Farmland Conservation

      In this policy area, the plan targets the implementation of various projects in order to increase the opportunities for citizens to deepen their relationship with farming activities, with particular attention being paid to multiple roles for ecosystem services produced by farmlands, such as landscape maintenance and biodiversity conservation.
     The plan also includes projects aimed at promoting the principle of local production for local consumption, as well as increasing the number of opportunities for citizens to experience agricultural activities.

-Provide opportunities for citizens to experience agricultural activities.
-Maintain agrarian landscapes
-Promote the principle of “local production for local consumption”


Greenery Promotion

     Ensuring that sufficient consideration was given to the development of a green network, the city’s greenery plan aims at increasing various kinds of green spaces, including local green spaces and roadside trees, which will eventually contribute to enhancing the attractiveness and environmental value of the city. In addition, the plan also actively supports community-based and corporate-led projects working on the promotion and maintenance of greenery.

-Greenery promotion in both public/private facilities
-Community-based greenery planning
-Greenery promotion in kindergartens and schools


Greenery Promotion Division, Environmental Planning Bureau, City of Yokohama - Created: 18th/March/2014 - Updated: 7th/July/2014 -
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