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The Yokohama Green-Up plan



■ What is "the Yokohama Green-Up Plan" ?

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      Although the city of Yokohama is a highly urbanized city with a population of 3.7 million, it also boasts many green environments, such as forests and farmlands. However, these green areas have been steadily decreasing due to rapid urbanization. Greenery is a precious public asset that is extremely difficult to restore once it is lost, and conservation is therefore an urgent challenge that needs to be addressed immediately.
     In response to this challenge, the city of Yokohama has initiated the Yokohama Green-Up Plan, which aims at preserving the green-rich city of Yokohama for future generations by maintaining and enhancing both the quantity and quality of green spaces. The plan is composed of three main policy pillars; 1) Forest Conservation; 2) Farmland Conservation; and 3) Greenery Promotion; and is being carried out under a close and robust collaboration between citizens, organizations (companies) and the city government.
     The initial five year plan was started in FY 2009 and is scheduled for completion in FY 2013. The subsequent policy plan scheduled for between FY 2014 and 2018 will carry on from the current plan while making use of the achievements and the lessons that have been learned from it. The city of Yokohama will continue to work on implementing its unique and cutting-edge green space policy for preserving precious green environments for future generations.


   The total amount of green space has been decreasing in Yokohama, and the annual forest/farmland losses amount to approx.100ha. In light of this, a citizens’ awareness survey on green spaces in Yokohama, conducted in 2008, revealed that most of the citizens think the amount of available green space should be maintained or increased.

Green space has been rapidly decreasing in Yokohama.

* The map below shows the transitions in green coverage ratios in Yokohama.

green coverage ratio

Citizen's awareness survey
     A citizens’ survey on green space in Yokohama conducted in 2008 revealed that most of the citizens think the amount of available green space should be maintained or increased. 
citizen's survey


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