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Yokohama Water Business Association

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 ■About Yokohama Water Business Association■

At a time when the water business market centering on water supply and sewerage systems is rapidly expanding in newly emerging countries, Yokohama launched on November 10 2011 the “Yokohama Water Business Association (YWBA),” in cooperation with 163 companies and organizations in the city.

As part of the Y-PORT project, YWBA will work on water business, the city’s water supply and sewerage departments operating together. YWBA activity is intended to vitalize Yokohama’s economy by solving problems related to the water environment in emerging economies and expanding business opportunities of companies in the city. The establishment of YWBA will help these companies and others deploy overseas water business, with the private and public sectors working together.

Sewage Works Management Division, Environmental Planning Bureau, City of Yokohama - Created: 2012/6/29 - Updated: 2017/06/19 -
Opinion and Inquiry - ks-ywba@city.yokohama.jp - tel 045-671-3967(in Japan)   +81-45-671-3967(from abroad)
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