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Kanagawa Ward
Divisions and Sections
Location of WindowWindow NumberDetails of the ProceduresDivision, Section Name
Annex 1F 101 General information, handing out of pamphlets Public Relations Section
102 Report of residence relocation(moving in, moving out, etc), seal registration, Basic Residence Registration Card Family Registry Division Registration Section
103 handing out the documents accepted at window number 102 and 104
104 Copy of residence certificate, copy of family register, seal registration certification, Certificate of Foreign Registration information, a report of present condition of pension (postcard)
105 Admission to and transfer of elementary school and junior high school
106 Foreign registration
107 Report of family registration(report of birth, death, marriage, adoption, etc)
Certificate of removal from family register, identification card, etc
Family Registry Division Family Registry Section
151 Consultation and procedures concerning transfer of National Health Insurance and Nursing Insurance, consultation and payment of National Health Insurance and Nursing Insurance Insurance and Pension Division Insurance Section
152 Reimbursement of medical or other costs (National Health Insurance, Nursing Insurance), elderly care, pediatric care medical support
153 Consultation and procedures concerning National Health Insurance and Pension Plan Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan Section
Annex 2FVarious medical checkups and examinations
General Health Consultation Room, Maternal and Child Health Consultation Room, Dental Consultation Room, Vaccination Room, Nutrition Consultation Room, Health Sciences Examination Room, Testing and Examination Room, X-ray Room, Electrocardiographic and Funduscopic Examination Room
Annex 3F 301 General consultation and guidance on health and welfare, procedures for use of various services
Special travel tickets, welfare taxi tickets, free transportation pass for elderly, Mutual Aid Traffic Accident Insurance Plan
Services Division Health and Welfare Section
302 Health and welfare, care prevention, functional training, home guidance for the elderly Services Division Elderly Support Section
Procedures for approval of nursing insurance Nursing Care Insurance Section for Services Division
303 Physically disabled's welfare, welfare for the intellectually disabled, mental health and welfare, support for patients with incurable diseases Services Division Disabled Persons Support Section
304 Consultations on nursery, childcare allowance, allowance for dependent children, infant health diagnosis, maternal and child health, children and families support,Management of Municipal nursery,Nursery Application Services Division Family Support Section
305 Welfare consultation, determination and implementation of welfare aid Services Division Public Welfare Section
306 Senior Citizen's Club Core worker Health and Welfare Division Management Section
307 Application and issuing of healthcare worker license, promotion of regional care system Health and Welfare Division Project Planning Section
308 Various medical checkups and examinations, vaccination, health and nutrition consultation, prevention of tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, A-bomb survivors' health handbook Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section
Main Building 1F 109 Payment procedures for public funds Ward Treasurer's Office
Kanagawa Fire Station
115 Firefighting training and guidance Fire Fighting and Ambulance Service Division
Measures against wind and water damage, inspection by guards, reports on poisonous and related material, report on occurrence of a smoke or fire Fire Fighting and Ambulance Service Division
Anti-earthquake measures, report on disrupted water supply or water failure, report on road construction Fire Fighting and Ambulance Service Division
Proof of affliction (by a disaster) Fire Fighting and Ambulance Service Division
Proof of an emergency Fire Fighting and Ambulance Service Division
Waterworks Bureau Tsurumi and Kanagawa Regional Service Center
Main Building 2F
204 Consultation and application for food related business, consultation concerning dogs, cats, licensing of medical institutions, pharmacies, etc Health Sanitation Division Food Sanitation Section
205 Consultation and application to run environmental related business, consultation concerning pests and household sanitation, consultation on sanitation and management of water tanks Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section
Main Building 3F 321 Tax payment certification, Municipal tax payment Account transfer payment of deliquent Municipal tax Taxation Division Tax Payment Section
322 House valuation Taxation Division Howsing Property Section
323 Land valuation Taxation Division Land Tax Section
324 City tax certification window (certification of city and prefectural income tax, corporate city tax declaration, tax declaration by businesses, issuance and withdrawal of moped registration number, certification of value of land, house and depreciable assets, house certificate (old), proof of tax payment) Taxation Division Certificates Issuance about Tax
325 City and prefectural tax declaration by individual Taxation Division Municipal Tax Section
Main Building 4F 40-47 Kanagawa Prefectural Taxation Office
Main Building 5F 501 Disaster prevention measures, Lost and Pound, Issue of temporary number plate of cars General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
504 Carrying out various statistics and investigations, managing elections, ward elections board General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section
502 Planning and general coordination of ward's main operations Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
503 Professional consulting, requests and appeals concerning city governance, public bulletins, receiving of requests for information disclosure Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
505 Community and neighborhood associations, consumer provision, road safety campaign, measures towards abandoned bicycles, security lights Regional Promotion Division Jichi-kai and Chonai-Kai,Crime Prevention Section
Promote development of clean and beautiful town, measures against illegal garbage disposal, promote reduction and recycling of garbage Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion Section
506 Upbringing of youth and children, sports promotion, promotion of local culture, administration and management of ward facilities (such as district centers) for use by local residents.
Lifelong learning support
Regional Promotion Division Sports, Youth Affairs Section
Ward Facilites Section
507 Regional Activities Support Center
Kanagawa Fire Station
508 Kanagawa fire brigade, Kanagawa branch of Yokohama city Fire Prevention Association General Affairs Division
Contracts General Affairs Division
Firefighting training and guidance, fire marshal reporting, reporting of firefighting plans, home-disaster prevention members, fire prevention association Fire Prevention Division
Inspection of fire preventive measures, routine check and report on fire prevention facilities, reports for electric equipments and fire-using equipments Fire Prevention Division
Reports and licensing of facilities that use or store hazardous materials, provide guidance to hazardous material user and hazardous-material-use supervisor, reports on facilities for firefighting, receiving and approving applications for building certification Fire Prevention Division
Kandaiji 2-28-22 Maintenance and repair of roads, sewerage, rivers and water conduits, management of roadside trees Kanagawa Public Works Office