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Greeting From Mayor

Ž?^Hello, everyone. I am Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of the City of Yokohama.

In the over 150 years since the opening of its port, Yokohama has played a large role in Japan's modernization and internationalization as its gateway of exchange to the world.

Yokohama, which has developed into Japan's 2nd largest city with a population of 3.70 million, is now home to many citizens of foreign nationalities from around the world, and with 8 sister/friendship cities and 6 sister/friendship/trade cooperation ports, is an international city representative of Japan.

Also, with conditions such as excellent transportation access, high cost-performance, a wealth of human resources, a concentration of various corporations, and well-established support for Yokohama-based companies, Yokohama has an atmosphere which makes it friendly for foreign-affiliated companies to advance into.

Furthermore, Yokohama's cityscape is a fusion of lush nature and modern urbanism, and with the opportunity to experience traditional culture, a variety of cuisines, and diverse entertainment, Yokohama is truly a tourist city full of resources and attractions.

Everyone, please visit Yokohama!

I look forward to meeting you here.

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

City of YOKOHAMA > Mayor

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