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Moving-in registration

  • When you move in to Yokohama City, moving-in registration is necessary so that you can get administrative services by Yokohama City and Japan.
  • Please complete the registration within 14 days after your move. When you move in to Yokohama from other city, moving-out certificate of the former domicile is necessary.
  • After the registration, you become eligible to receive administrative services such as national health insurance and acceptance of your children to public schools.
  • You need to apply for administration services.

Registration of moving-in and transfer of schools?

Family Registration Division (Koseki-ka) TEL.045-978-2233

  • If this is your first time to stay in Japan and applied for a residence card  resident registration
  • If you have a residence card  notification of address change
  • If you have elementary school / junior high school children, you will need an application for public schools

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Nation Health Insurance

Insurance and Pension Division, National Health Insurance Section (Hoken-nenkinka Hoken-gakari) TEL.045-978-2335

Health Insurance is to cover your medical expense. Are you covered by any insurance?

  • If not covered, you must join National Health Insurance(*1).
  • If you are already covered by National Health Insurance, notify them of your new address.
  • National Health Insurance subsidizes the medical expense of policyholders. There is an income limitation of coverage.
  • If you have children aged 0 to 7 (in the first grade) Medical certificate for infant(*2)
    *Allowance will be given until the following March 31after the child's 7th birthday.
    *income-tested applied after child's 1st birthday.
  • For a single-parent family with children under 18 years old Welfare and Medical Service Certificate(*3)

National Health Insurance


Medical certificate for infant


Welfare and Medical Service Certificate


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Child related applications

Children and Families Support Division TEL.045-978-2457

  • If you are pregnant or have a child under 7 and half years old ? Maternal and Child Health Handbook and an additional volume of it. This is the notebook to keep health records of pregnancy, delivery, and child health up to 6-years old.
    Maternity checkup voucher and vaccination coupons are included with the additional volume of maternal and child health book.
  • If you have a child from 0 years old until the age of finishing junior high school
     Child allowance (Jido-teate)
    You will get child allowance three times a year. There is an income limitation.
  • If you have a child under 18-years old and have financial difficulty  Child raising allowance
    A single parent or guardian who is taking care of the child can apply and receive allowance until the following March 31 after the child’ s 18th birthday.
  • If you have a disabled child under 20 years old Special child raising allowance
  • If youhave a certificate of Medical Support for Specified Infantile Diseases, consult us whenever you have any concerns.
  • enrollment procedures of accredited nursery schools

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Welfare services for elderly and disabled people

Elderly / Disabled People Support Division TEL.045-978-2444

Various services are available depending on each eligible person, so please call for details.

  • If you are a senior citizen
  • If you have a disability
  • If you have a certificate of Medical Support for Specified Diseases

Please make a reservation for application.
If you have difficulty in Japanese, you can ask for a volunteer interpreter.
Refer to "Information from Aoba Public Health and Welfare Center" for details.

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Other applications and inquiries

  • If you have a motorcycle with an engine under 125CC
    Tax Division (Zeimu-ka) TEL.045-978-2245
      You need to change your license plate.
  • If you have a dog
    Health Sanitation Division (Seikastu-eisei-ka) TEL.045-978-2643
      Dog registration is necessary.