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AOBA Information: March 2014 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.

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Littering is prohibited inYokohama

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Aoba Ward Office information

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Let’s take beautiful pictures of spring flowers!

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Join us for the 20 km Sumida Riverside Walk!

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Aoba Word Guide

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Please Prepare for Disaster


Littering is prohibited inYokohama

Please don’t litter. It is illegal to throw cigarette butts and empty cans on the street.

Let’s keep our town clean and beautiful by following the rules with your good manners.

When you smoke outdoors, be sure to carry a portable ashtray.

Bring empty cans and bottles home with you or throw dispose of them properly.

Cigarette butts not only make your neighborhood dirty but often cause fires.

It is also dangerous to smoke while walking on crowded streets.

A lit cigarette in your hand is at the same level as children’s faces.

Yokohama City regulations prohibits littering of cigarette butts and garbage.

In the designated zones, smoking in public outdoor areas is also prohibited.

There are 6 designated nonsmoking zones such as Yokohama Station area and Minato Mirai area. Violators will be subjected to a fine.

Let’s keep our town clean and beautiful by following the rules with good manners.

Inquiries  Shigenka Suishin Tanto (Resource Reuse Promotion Section


Aoba Ward Office information

No.3 parking lot will be closed.

Aoba Ward Holiday Emergency Clinic will be built on the No.3 parking lot.

The Clinic will open in 2016. You cannot use No.3 parking from March 25 (Tue)

due to construction.

Instead, No.1 parking lot will be expanded so that the total parking capacity is the same as before.

Inquiries  Yosan Chosei Kakari (Budget Adjustment Section)  Tel: 045-978-2228

March is a moving season. Many people will visit the Ward Office this month.

Therefore it sometimes takes more time to finish your procedures.

Please come to the Ward Office as far in advance as possible.


When moving, residents from foreign countries need to apply for an address change

or moving certificate just like Japanese residents.

Please note the following:

*When you move to another city/ town/ village,

1.Apply for your move-out certificate at the Aoba Ward Office.

2.Register your new address at your new city/ town/ village Ward Office.

You need the move-out certificate from Yokohama City for this procedure.

*When you move within Yokohama City,

Register your new address soon after moving. at your new Ward Office.

You do not need to go to the Aoba Ward Office.

*When you move within Aoba Ward,

Please submit your change of address notification to Aoba Ward Office.

If you are a resident from a foreign country, You need to bring your residence card

for any procedure described above.

■ About registration procedures for residents from foreign countries.

   In Japanese


   In English


   In Chinese


   In Korean


   In Spanish


Inquiries  Kosekika Toroku Tanto (Family Registry Section)   Tel: 045-978-2233

Extended Hours for Aoba Ward Office

Aoba Ward Office will be open temporarily on March 29 (Sat.) from 9am to noon.

Services available: Only for moving procedures.

Inquiries  Kosekika Touroku Tanto(Family Registry Section) Tel: 045-978-2233


Let’s take beautiful pictures of spring flowers!

We will learn tips to take better pictures from a professional photographer.

You will learn how to take better pictures by going out to take pictures of cherry blossoms and roses, –>

Lecturer  Japan Photographers Association member Mr. Yoshikazu Ariga
 Limit  20 people who can attend all classes
Fee  1500 yen (handouts and insurance cost)
What to bring  Digital camera

On a return address postcard, write down your address, your name, male or female,

your age, telephone number, and return address.

Send the postcard to Yokohama Civic Facilities Association /Aoba-sisetu ,Joint Planning Section

〒225-0002 Aoba-ku Utsukushigaoka 5-13-5-401

Inquires  Yokohama Civic Facilities Association /Aoba-sisetu,Joint Planning Section



Date/ Place

(Time 9:30am–11:30am each class)


April 3, Thursday 

*If it rains, the class will be postponed to the next day, April 4.

Shin-ishikawa Sports Arena

-Take pictures of cherry blossoms

After learning some photo-skills , we will go for a short walk along a cherry-tree boulevard to take pictures of cherry blossoms.


May 22, Thursday

Utsukushigaoka-nishi Community Center

-Take pictures of roses

We will take pictures of roses in the rose-garden of the community center.


June 5, Thursday

Yamanuchi Community Center

-Appreciation and Fun Time

Share your pictures with participants.

The instructor will make a brief comments

on each participant’s pictures.


Sports・Health Maintenance

Join us for the 20 km Sumida Riverside Walk!
Time and Date

March 23, Sunday Meeting time 8:00a.m.  

Meeting place: in front of Hachi-ko statue by JR Shibuya station 

If it rains, the event will be postponed to March 30, Sunday.

Walking Route

20 km walk starting from Sumida ward office-walking along on the Sumida River Terrace and back to Sumida ward office.

You can also enjoy the10 km short course.


Elementary school children and older can participate.  

Elementary school children must be accompanied by their parents.

Otherwise everyone welcome!

Fee  500 yen
What to bring  Walking shoes, Umbrella, Drinking water, Lunch

Not necessary 

Go to the meeting place directly before 8 a.m. on the 23rd

Inquiries  Aoba Sports Association, Hiking group, Yanagi  Tel 080-1361-8787

Aoba Word Guide

Aoba Word Guide

Event at Oba-Misuzugaoka Chiku Center

    Place / Inquiries : Oba-Misuzugaoka Chiku Center

     TEL 045-974-0861

An Easy Approach to Biology

  Are “Genes” & ”DNA” the same thing?

What is “Genome”?

Date & Time  April 13 (Sun)、May 18 (Sun)、June 15 (Sun) Time 1:00–2:30PM (each day)
Capacity  Capacity 20 people each day
Fee  500 Yen
Application  From March 13, apply directly to the Chiku Center with your fee
 First come first served basis

Let’s cook Japanese Food!
  1.Japanese Confectionary
  2.Japanese Set Menu  

 Date & Time  1March 27 (Thu)
 2March 28 (Fri)  Time 10:00AM–1:00PM (each day)
 Capacity  16 people for each day
 Fee   1.1,000 Yen
  2.1,500 Yen
 Application  From March 13, apply directly to the Chiku Center with your fee
 First come first served basis
 Tea ceremony for beginners  
 Date & Time  15 people

elementary school children or older

(pairs of parent & child will be acceptable)

 Fee  500 Yen(tea-cake fee included )
 Application  From March 13, apply directly to the Chiku Center with your fee

First come first served basis

FeatureFeatured Information

Please Prepare for Disaster

Three Years have passed since the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Are you adequately prepared for disasters ?

●Disaster Preparedness

・Please get to know your neighbors and join your neighborhood association.

Be sure to find out when disaster drills are being held and participate fully

・Please stockpile a week’s supply of food and water.

 If your house doesn’t collapse and is safe, you won’t need to go to a shelter.

You should store enough food and water to survive at home with your family. 

・You should go to the nearest shelter on foot at least once beforehand

and get familiar with the route.

・Elementary schools and junior high schools in the neighborhood are designated as local shelters.


Please make sure you know where they are.

・ It is useful for you and your family to take a disaster prevention training course.


In Yokohama City citizens can take the “Home Disaster Prevention Community Members” training course free of charge.

  If you would like to take the course, please contact your neighborhood association.

  The course will be given only in Japanese.


In case of emergency

・In case of an earthquake, keeping safe is the most important point!

During an earthquake

‘Remember “Drop, Cover, Hold on!’”  

Drop (Drop to your knees)   

Cover (Cover your head)

   Hold on (Hold onto something sturdy and stay where you are until the shaking stops.)

Inquiries General Affairs Division Tel: 045-978-2211