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AOBA Information: February 2014 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
You can also listen to the Aoba Information. (Click here for details.)


Aoba Ward town information - about parks and street trees

Do you know that there are two hundred and thirty parks and fifteen thousand and five hundred street trees in Aoba ward?

Every park is regularly maintained by Aoba Ward Office, therefore children can enjoy playing on the  playground equipment safely.
Volunteers from Friends of the Park clean and weed parks.
They also make flowerbeds and teach craft classes.

Another volunteer group, “Hama road supporter” keeps nearby community streets clean and beautiful.
There are many beautiful gingko boulevards and cherry tree boulevards in Aoba Ward.
You can enjoy this beautiful scenery seasonally.
These trees are treasure of Aoba Ward. Let’s enjoy them and take care of them together.

Friends of the Park (Koen Aigo-kai)

Hama Road Supporter

Inquiries Aoba Public Works Office Tel:045-971-2300


Announcement from Aoba Citizen's Activity Support Center

If you want to teach something, learn something or do volunteer activities, please consult with us at Aoba Citizen's Activity Support Center .
We will help you find a group which suits your interests.
Various groups are registered at the center, such as a group to play with or to read picture books to children, a group for studying culture and history, a group to work for environment issues and nature observation, and other volunteer groups.

A booklet explaining how to use the center is available at community centers and at Aoba Citizen's Activity Support Center.
Please visit us and pick one up.

Inquiries Aoba Citizen's Activity Support Center Tel:045-989-5265

Announcement and Recruiting

Application for Foreign language classes!

Would you like to learn foreign languages at Aoba International Lounge?
All instructors are native speakers.

Class name Class day Time
English Conversation
Beginner course -A
Friday 10 am–11:30 am
English Conversation
Beginner course-B
Monday 3:30pm–5 pm
English Conversation
Beginner course-C
Tuesday 10am–11:30 am
Introductory course
Thursday 1:30pm–3pm
Introductory course
Friday 7pm–8 pm
Introductory course
Saturday 6pm–7:30 pm
Term April 2014 –March 2015
(First term18 classes, Second term18 classes,36 classes in total)
Place Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center
(By Tana station on Den-en-toshi Line)
Limit 25 people in each class
Class fee 21,600 yen
(payment in 2 installments;10,800 yen each payment)
Childcare Note
Childcare is available only for English Conversation Beginner course C
Eligible Children: 2 year-olds to pre-school children
(Child’s age as of April 1, 2014) 
Maximum:6 children
Childcare fee:
First term 5000 yen, Second term 5000yen
Application Send a return addressed post card to Foreign Language Class Division of Aoba International Lounge by February 28.
Please write the following information.
•Your postcode and address
•Your name, telephone or fax number
•Name of class you would like to attend
•Name of country or nationality if you are not Japanese
•Child’s name and date of birth if you need childcare

Must be stamped on or before February 28.
We will draw lots if applicants exceed 25.
Note Please apply for only one class per person.
If you have taken a class before, the same level class for the same language cannot be repeated
Please choose another language.
Priority application is available to non-Japanese
Inquiries Aoba International Lounge

Let’s make Yomogi Dango (Wormwood Dumpling)

Date March 28 (Fri.) & March 29 (Sat.), 1:00pm ―3:00pm
Place Tana Megumi no Sato (Tana Farmers Cooperative JA Tana)
8 minutes’ walk from Tana station on Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Parking available.
Limit 20 people each day
Fee 1500 yen
What to bring Apron, bandana, mask
How to apply Send a post card or facsimile for to make a reservation with the following information
- Address with post code
- Name
- Age
- Preferred date
Send to: 〒227-0064 52-8 Tanacho, Aoba-ku
JA Tana
Fax no:045-989-4300
Deadline : March 14
If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, a lottery will be held.
Inquiries JA Tana Tel:045-981-6281


Information from Aoba Childcare Support Center Lafull

Lafull is a place which provides support for: pregnant women, children, from infants to reschoolers and their families.
Supporters of childcare can also use this facility.

In addition to childcare consultation services, fun events for children and parents are held at Lafull.
The open space, ‘Everyone’s Place’ (Min’nano hiroba) is open from 10:00 am to 4:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday.
No reservation required.

The following events will be held at ‘Everyone’s Place’ (Min’nano hiroba)
・Open Day at Lafull
Date & Time : February 22 , Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30 am

・Twins and triplets! Get together at Lafull!
Date & Time : March 15 Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00pm
Reservation required.

Inquiries Aoba Childcare Support Center Lafull
3 minutes walk from Aobadai Station on Tokyu Den-en-toshi line
Aoba Fire Department Aobadai Branch Office Complex 6th floor
No parking

Dental care instruction for 1 year old children

Date and Time March 27, Thursday 10 am–11am
Place Public Health and Welfare Center 1st Floor No.13 
Mother and Child Health Consultation Room
Limit 40 pairs of children and their guardians
Eligibility: Children born from February 2014 to April 2014
Fee Free
What to Bring Toothbrush and the Maternal and Child Health Handbook
Apply Send a return addressed postcard to Kenko Tsukuri Kakari by March 19 with following information.
•Name of the class (dental course for children )
•Your postcode and address
•Your name with pronunciation and telephone number
•Children’s names and their dates of birth
Child’s name and birth date
•Date which you would like to attend
We will draw a lots if applicants exceed 40

You can apply on the Aoba ward website You can also apply by scanning the QR code from your mobile phone.
Interpretation Service Interpreter is available. No charge.
Please contact Aoba International Lounge if necessary.
Inquiries Kenko Zukuri Kakari TEL:045-978-2438