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AOBA Information: October 2013 English


Aoba Kumin Matsuri (Aoba Ward Festival) 2013 and Aoba Health Promotion Festival

Autumn festival season is coming.
There will be many fun events and festival booths for both children and adults.
Please use public transportation. No parking is available.
Date Nov. 3 (Sunday and National holiday) from 10am to 3pm
Place Aoba Ward Office and adjacent areas(Parking space of Ward Office, Aoba Public Hall, Aoba Sports Center)
Events Aoba Public Hall: Brass band and trumpet play, Children's dance
Parking space: Festival food booths and craft goods
Square: Japanese drum performance and character show
Sports Center: Aoba Health Promotion Festival
●Blood vessel age measurement, health consultations (40 persons ) and immunization consultation
●Dental therapy for parents and kids
●Health fair booths (measurement of blood pressure , bone density, body fat)
( first 80 persons)
●Pet health consultations (dogs and cats) and quiz
●Physical check (blood flow measurement, hands and arms motion check)
●Food poisoning prevention campaign
●Growing vegetables using plastic cups
●Promotion of cancer screening
●Baby massaging and relaxation exercise for mothers
Application ●Advance application is necessary for blood vessel age measurement and health consultation.
Send a return post card to Health Promotion Section, 31-4 Ichigao cho, Aoba-ku with the following information on it. "Blood vessel age measurement and health consultation", your address, name (one person per one application), age, telephone number, and return address on the return card by Oct. 17.
When application exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held.
The results of the lottery will be sent to you by Oct. 24.
Inquiries Regional Activity Section Tel: 045-978-2438


Nippon Taiiku Daigaku (Nippon Sports Science University) invites you to a "Performance of Synchronized Walking and E-ssa-ssa Dance”

Please come and enjoy our traditional performance "E-ssa-ssa" dance and "synchronized walking" performance.
Date Nov. 14 (Thu) from 6pm to 8pm
Place Yokohama Arena (3 chome Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku) 5 minutes walk from Shinyokohama Station
Capacity 1000 Aoba ward Residents
Fee free
Application ●Please send a return post card with the following information to receive a guest pass:
Event name "Nippon Taiiku Daigaku Event"
Your postal code and address
Your name and guests’ names and telephone number
Return address on a return card
 Mail to Planning and Adjustment Section, 31-4 Ichigao Aoba-ku
by Oct. 25. Accepted on a at first come base
4 guest passes can be issued per application postcard
Inquiries Tel 045-978-2216

School Festivals of 6 Universities in Aoba Ward

Many school festivals are held in October and September
Visit your nearby universities and enjoy festivals!
University Caritus Junior College
Date Oct. 20 (Sun) 10am to 7:30pm
Place Caritus Junior College 2-29-1 Azamino
Program English class for elementary school children, Tea ceremony by tea ceremony club members, sales of hand-made jam and cookies, etc.
Inquiries Caritus Junior College Tel. 045-901-5133

University Tamagawa University
Date Nov. 9 (Sat) and 10 (Sun) 10am to 4pm
Place Tamagawa University, 6-1-1 Tamagawa Gakuen, Machida City
Program Presentation of studies, Recital of club activities, Festival booths
Inquiries Tamagawa University Tel. 045-739-8904

University Nippon Sports Science Univesity
Date Nov. 1 (Fri) 10am to 5pm
Nov. 2 (Sat) 9am to 6pm
Nov. 3 (Sun) 9am to 4pm
Place Yokohama Kinshidai Campus of Nippon Sports Science University, 1221-1 Kamoshida Cho, Aoba-ku
Program Festival booths, Sports lessons, Exhibition of athletic performance, Character show (Kamen Rider), Live performance by artists
Inquiries Student Support Center, Kenshidai Office Tel.045-963-7901

University Yokohama College of Art & Design
Date Oct. 19 (Sat) and 20 (Sun) ,10am to 5pm
Place Yokohama College of Art & Design, 1204 Kamoshida Cho, Aoba-ku
Program Exhibition of art works, festival booths
Lectures 19 (Sat) by Kazuo Iwamura, a picture book writer
20 (Sun) by Makoto Aida, an artist of contemporary art

Reading Stories Festival , 2013 Aoba

Fourteen groups active in the community, are preparing a lot of stories enjoyable to children also to grown-ups.
Date and Time Nov.17 (Sun.) From 10:30 am. to 3:30 pm
Place Yamauchi Chiku Center (Yamauchi Community Center)
5 minutes by walk from Azamino station
Inquiries Yamauchi Chiku Center Tel. : 045-901-8010
Yamauchi Library Tel. : 045-901-1225
Japanese language is recommendable for inquiry
Programs for Children
Time Stories
10:30 To Find Your Friends ( Paper doll puppet)
11:15 Marching Band in Blemen(Cloth picture book)
13:00 3 Young Pigs (Picture-story show)
13:50 Mysterious Hat (Panel theater)
14:40 Monkey and Crab(Puppet play)
Programs for Grown-ups
Time Stories
11:25 A Mortar enable people to take ages off (Story reading)
13:00 Shelter for swallows( Picture-story show )
13:50 My precious, You(Reading picture book)
14:40 Sibuemon and Forest Spirits(Reading book)

125th International Talk at Fujigaoka Salon

From Indonesia to Japan ( Human links through nursing care)
Date and Time Nov. 11 (Sat.) From 2:00 pm. to 4:00 pm/
Capacity Fifty People
Fee 500 Yens
Place Fujigaoka Chiku Center (Fujigaoka Community Center)
Application By Telephone, or by direct visit to the Center
Application from Home Page also acceptable
First come First serve
Inquiries Fujigaoka Chiku Center Tel.: 045-972-7021 Only Japanese language acceptable


Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare

Pet training and preparation for disasters.
Many pets were not able to be saved in the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In a disaster only you, the owner can take care of your pet. Here are somethings you can do to train your pet and take care it’s health.
●Safety of a pet
-Make sure your pet has an escape route
-If you have a house pet:
 Place a box type pet house or a pet carry-on bag in a safe place, away from falling furniture or other hazards
-If you have an outdoor pet: outdoors,
 Keep your dog house in a safe place, away from hazards.
 Placing the dog house next to a fence or a glass window is dangerous.
*For cat owners,
 Keep your cat in the house as much as possible to protect it not only from a disaster, but also from traffic accidents and infectious diseases.
●Recommended stockpile for your pets:
-Pet food, water, medicine: for at least 5 days
-Owner’s contact information, a photo of your pet with its owner, vaccination record, medical history, the pet's primary hospital or veterinary
-Pet supplies : lease, sand for cat boxes, pet training pads for indoor dog, cleaning tools: whatever you do to dispose of your pet’s waste
* Keep these packed in a bag so that you can take it with you and your pet to an evacuation center.
● Pet tag or microchip
 In a disaster, you might be separated from your pet. Make sure they have a tag, listing it’s owner’s name or microchip your pet for easy identification.
●Training for a disaster
-Train your pet to escape to a safe place on your command
-At the evacuation center, pets are put in cages or leashed with other pets.
Train your pet to go into a cage.
-Training of using training pads or sand boxes is necessary.
●Health care of pets
-At the evacuation center, pets are kept together. Diseased pets and pets with ticks and fleas are not welcome.
Vaccinate your pet, especially for rabies.
Daily efforts to control ticks and fleas is recommended.
Keep a primary care pet doctor.
Inquiries Health and Environment Section Tel.045-978-2465 

Inquiries Health and Environment Section Te.045-978-2465