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AOBA Information: September 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
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September is Cancer Control Month

September is Cancer Control Month

Do you have regular cancer screenings?

● Yokohama City provides cancer screenings at a discounted fee for various cancers
such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer,
and uterus cancer.

If you are covered by national health insurance or if you don't didn’t have a chance to get a cancer screening at your workplace, you are eligible for this service.
For detailed information such as how to apply, please make inquiries to the office below.

● Yokohama City also provides free cancer screenings.
We have sent free coupons to eligible residents. Eligible ages are shown in the table below.
Please take advantage of this chance and get a cancer screening.

*Please confirm your eligibility and apply for cancer screening.
*Eligible age is calculated as of April 2, 2012 to April 2, 2013.
*Free coupons were sent to the residents eligible as of April 20, 2013.

age gender Type of Free exam provided
20・25・30・35 respectively female uterine cervix cancer
40 female uterine cervix cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer
45・50・55・60 respectively female breast cancer, bowel cancer
40・45・50・55・60 respectively male bowel cancer

● How to apply
Call cooperating medical institutions to get appointment, saying "I want to get the Yokohama city cancer screening”.
When you go, please bring a document which shows your age, address, and telephone number
(ex. your health insurance card)

Inquiries Yokohama City medical exam dial Tel:045-664-2606
Accepted from 8:30am to 5:15pm except for Sunday, National Holidays and year and/ new year holidays
・Yokohama City cancer screening website
Aoba Health and Welfare Center, Health promotion section Tel 045-978-2438
・Aoba Ward cancer screening website


"AOBA no Kaze", NPO Yokohama Regional Activity Center for people with acquired disability.

"AOBA no Kaze", NPO Yokohama Regional Activity Center for people with acquired disability.

Regional Topics
Introduction of a regional facility

"AOBA no Kaze", NPO Yokohama Regional Activity Center for people with acquired disability
The purpose of this center is to support people with disability caused by cerebrovascular diseases
(such as brain infarction, brain bleeding, and brain apoplexy) and their families.
Each ward has one facility of this kind in Yokohama City. NPO operates this facility with financial support from Yokohama City.

Support a person with acquired disability so that one can take control of one's own health care.
Provide places to do creative work, light-duty work, functional training for daily life, and social activities.
Support a person to be able to interact with other disabled people and with local residents and to live their life independently.

Users join one of the following three groups and participate in activities.

1) Social interaction group
We enjoy interaction with local residents.
We hold center festival and entertain local residents. We clean nearby streets and parks regularly

2) Life and rehabilitation group
We do health care activities which help prevent a recurrence of diseases that cause disabilites and enjoy creative work to enhance function recovery.
The group members also enjoy cooking and walking.
3) Product Arts and handicrafts group
We make handicrafts for physical rehabilitation and enjoyment.
Our products are sold at the Center festival and also at the Ward Office 1st floor Lobby.
(every third Wednesday)

Inquiries NPO Regional Activity Center for people with acquired disabilities
AOBA no Kaze Tel:045-972-6751
HP: http://aobanokaze.web.fc2.com
Elderly and Disabled Support div.Tel:045-978-2452


How to deal with baby emergencies

Let’s learn how to deal with sudden fever and injuries and when to seek medical care.
Date Oct. 10 (Thurs.) from 1:30 pm to 3:00pm
Place Aoba Public Health and Welfare Center 1st floor,
Conference Room 15,16
Limit 50 people (first time parents of children, who are less than one year old)
Fee Free
Lecturer Azagami Pediatrics Director : Dr. Shiro Azagami
Application From HP of Aoba Ward
Deadline: Sept.20
Participants will be chosen by drawing if there are more than 50 applicants.
Inquiries Kosodate Shien Tanto  TEL:045-978-2460

Udon Cooking Class

Date Oct. 26 (Saturday) from 10:00am to 2:00pm
Place JA Tana Main Office Conference Room
52-8 Tana-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama
8 minutes walk from Tana Station on Denen-toshi Line
Limit 20 people who live/ work /study in Yokohama
Fee 1,500 yen
Application Please write:
*the event name ‘UDON cooking class’
*your address with post code
*your name and phone number and send by fax or mail
Mail to : 52-8 Tana-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama 227-0064
JA Tana Shido Sodan Bu 「Udon Zukuri Class」
Fax to :045-989-4300
Must be received no later than Sept.20
Participants will be chosen by lot of applications exceed
Inquiries Kankyou Sozo-kyoku Hokubu Nosei Jimusyo Nogyo Shinko Tanto
TEL: 045-948-2480

Let’s make hanging plants with pet bottles!

We will learn how to make a hanging plant holder from a pet bottle and peat moss.
Date and Time September 21, Saturday 1:30pm -3:00 pm
Place Yamoto Park  Shimoyamoto cho 31-10
Capacity 12 people
Fee 1200 yen
What to bring 2-litter Pet bottle if possible
Wear suitable clothes for gardening
Apply TEL:045-511-7366 Yamoto Park Management Office

Kyogen Entertainment Event

Date and Time October 23 (Wed) and October 24(Thurs), From 1-4pm
Place Kokugakuin University Tama-Plaza Campus
Limit 400 people, residents or students in Aoba
Fee free
Application Please send a return post card with the following information.
name of the event (Kyogen Entertainment Event)
.the date that you want to attend, either 23 or 24
.your postal code, address, and telephone number
your name with furigana and your age

send to:225-0003  3-22-1 Shin-ishikawa, Aoba-ku
Kokugakuin University Tama-Plaza, Office for Kyogen Entertainment Event

Must be postmarked by September 20
We may hold a lottery if applicantions exceed the limit.
*note: only one person per application
Inquiries Tel:045-904-7703