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AOBA Information: August 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
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Let's reduce garbage!

Let's reduce garbage!

Your efforts make ‘Aoba Ward’ environment-friendly.

This year's target is to reduce new garbage by 10 grams per person, per day. Ten grams is about the weight of ten one-yen coins.

By following 5 easy steps you can help reduce garbage in our Ward.

1) Separate garbage properly.
2) Drain kitchen waste well.
  This reduces the weight of garbage as well as its bad smell.
3) When you buy food, buy only what you need.
  Meal planning can reduce the amount of food that is wasted.
4) When you work on the garden, spread pruned branches and grasses in the sun for about two days.
  After they dry out the total weight of green waste is reduced about 40 %.
5) When you go shopping, buy food which is packaged simply and product refills whenever possible.

It may not seem like these small steps will make much difference in reducing garbage.
But when everyone does it - It can have a big impact!
Your efforts will help Aoba ward be cleaner and reduce garbage.
Thank you for your cooperation

Inquiries "Shigenka Suishin Tanto" Resources Reuse Promotion Section 045-978-2299


Have you heard of the “O-re O-re Sagi” scam?

Have you heard of the “O-re O-re Sagi” scam?

Have you heard of the “O-re O-re Sagi” scam?
It is a telephone scam where you receive a call from someone pretending to be your son or grandchild in distress.

He tells you that he has money trouble and tries to get you to send him money.
He doesn’t actually know your child’s name so he says “O-re O-re” to pretend to be your child or grandchild.
"O-re O-re" means "It’s me." So this type of fraud is called O-re O-re Sagi.

In Aoba ward, 63 million yen was lost due to this type of fraud last year.
When someone calls you and tells you that he is in trouble because he has lost his money
or left his wallet in a taxi, please be cautious enough to confirm that the person is really
someone you know.

When you receive a suspicious call, hang up without answering.
Please call YOKE Information Consulting Center for consultation.
Whenever you have any problems, call us at 045-222-1209.


“The Azamino Festival will be held in August”

You can enjoy the following events at the Festival
Many food stands
Live music
Scooping Gold fish and Yo-yo fishing
Aerial fireworks display
Date & Time August 31(Sat.) from 2pm. to 9pm.
Place 15 Azamino 1-chome (Construction site for primary school)
Fee Free
Inquiries Azamino Merchants’ Association 045-902-7823
Regional Activities Section (Chi-iki katsudo Kakari) 045-978-2291

Let’s Cook Yoghurt Mousse Cake and make Vegetable Jam

Date & Time September 14 (Sat.) from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
Place Tana Agricultural Cooperative Society (Tana No-kyo)  52-8 Tana, Aoba-ku
10 minute walk from Tana station on Den-en Toshi line
Limit 10 pairs of parent and child
Fee 1500 yen per pair
Application Please send a fax or postcard with following information
to fax:045-989-4300
send to: 〒227-0064 52-8 Tana cho Aoba-ku
-Event Name
-Your address, Name, Telephone number,
-Age of each applicant
Fax or post card should arrive by August 20
If applicants exceed the number, a lottery will be drawn.
Inquiries Northern Agricultural Administration Office
(Kankyo Sozo-kyoku Hokubu Nosei Jimusho) 045-948-2480

Information from Community Centers

Vegetable Carving for beginners

Let’s carve a flower from a daikon radish.
Date & Time 3-day workshop :September 13, 20, and 27 (Fri) 9:30 am -noon
Place Utsukushigaoka Nishi community center
Limit 20 people
Fee 750 yen for 3 times
Application send a return postcard with followings
・Event name =Vegetable Carving
・Your address, Name, Telephone number, Age
・Return address
Should be received by September 2
If the applicants exceed the number of places available, a lottery will be held.
Inquiries Utsukushigaoka Nishi Community Center

Tea Ceremony lesson for beginners

Date & Time 6 Thursday lessons from September 19 (Thurs) to October 24 (Thurs)
10:00 a.m.-11:46 a.m.
Place Utsukushigaoka Nishi Community Center
Limit 10 people
Fee 3000 yen for 6 lessons including the cost of sweets
Application send a return postcard with the followings
・Event name:Tea Ceremony
・Your address, Name, Telephone number, Age
・Return address
Applications/ Post cards should be received by September 9
If the applicants exceed the number of spaces available, a lottery will be held.
Inquiries Utsukushigaoka Nishi Community Center