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AOBA Information: May 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
You can also listen to the Aoba Information. (Click here for details.)


May 31 is World No Tobacco Day.

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day.
  • Cigarette smoking is harmful.
Cigarette smoking causes various diseases, such as cancer, COPD, and heart/blood vessel impairment (heart infraction / angina).
*Protect your health by avoiding passive smoking.
Passive smoking is breathing second-hand smoke which is the smoke exhaled by smokers and the smoke from cigarettes.
Cigarette smoke contains more than 200 kinds of toxic chemicals. Therefore, cigarettes smoking is even harmful to non-smokers who are near smokers.

Many people suffer from passive cigarette smoke.
Lit cigarettes can be a burn hazard. Also cigarette butts are a litter problem. Help support World No Tobacco Day!.
  • Find the sticker.
All day smoke-free shops and restaurants have stickers stating "Yokohama Kenko Ohendan (smoke free supporter)"
Registered shops and restaurants are listed on Yokohama City Web Page.
There are 92 registered shops and restaurants in Aoba Ward.


What is a Community Care Plaza? Series 1

What is a Community Care Plaza? Series 1
There are 11 Community Care Plazas in Aoba-ku.
A Community Care Plaza is a local hub of welfare and health activities.
It provides welfare services and consultation services and holds useful events for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly

No.1 Onda Community Care Plaza (2-8 Akanedai Aoba-ku)
How to access:
Take a bus from Aobadai station,(Den-en-toshi line) for Akanedai and get off at Kumanoyato Koen Mae.
It is a 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Featured course
` Photography – Let’s learn about our community through the lens’
Start date : June 1
Tel : 045-988-2010

Information from Community Centers

Mini Exhibition of Hanging dolls of "Tango no sekku", Boy's Day

Hanging dolls will be exhibited at the Wakakusadai Chiku Center.
Tango no Sekku (May 5): Originally this was the day to celebrate healthy growth of boys, but now it is Children's Day.

It’s a Japanese tradition to hoist carp streamers and display a Samurai warrior Helmet on this day.
In this exhibition, mobiles of hanging dolls are displayed. Hanging dolls are miniature carp streamers and samurai warrior helmets made of cloth.
Date It is open until May 31 (Fri)
Place Wakakusadai Chiku Center
Application Please come directly to Wakakusadai Chiku Center
Inquiries Wakakusadai Chiku Center
address; 20-5 Wakakusadai, Aoba-Ku
Tel: 045-961-0811
Closed on May 13

Take a bus (#61) to "Nittaidai" at No4 bus stop of Aobadai Station to "Katsuradai" bus stop and walk for about 2minutes.

Let’s visit ‘Azamino Marche(Market)’!

Let’s visit ‘Azamino Marche(Market)’!
It’s a one day market selling organic vegetables and health conscious foods.
Date March 25 Saturday 10am-12pm
Place Art Forum Azamino
How to apply Please come to the place directly
Inquiries Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino (inside of Art Forum Azamino)
Tel 045-910-5656

It’s easy to repair your door and window screens by yourself.

Do-it-yourself Course
 It’s easy to repair your door and window screens by yourself.
 Let’s give it a try!
Date June 8 (Sat.) from 9:30am to 11:45 am
Place Fujigaoka Chiku Center
Limit 15 people: first come first served
Fee Free
Application by telephone / in person at the counter or on the webpage listed below
Inquiries Fujigaoka Chiku Center
TEL: 045-972-7021 
HP: http://xn--v8j9lma1stb8503a2rh09hlx7i.com/

Song, Piano, and Recitation Ensemble

This performance is a collaboration between two groups.
Date June 2 (Sun.) from 1pm to 3:30pm
Place Yamauchi Chiku Center
 3 minutes walk from Azamino Station on Den-en-toshi Line
Limit 150 people: First come first served
Application from May 11 ,10am by telephone / in person
Inquiries Yamauchi Chiku Center
TEL: 045-901-8010
HP: http://aoba-sisetu.com/yama