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AOBA Information: March 2013 English

The Monthly Information from Aoba Ward Newsletter is translated by language volunteers registered with Aoba International Lounge.
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Cherry blossom season is coming soon. Many spring events will be held in Aoba Ward.

Please attend your local events and enjoy a lovely stroll.
Tamaplaza Cherry Blossom Festival
You will enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms along the cherry-tree boulevards.
You can also enjoy music stages, and shopping avenues.
There will be special booths to support the disaster affected area in Tohoku.
Date April 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.)
from 10am to 5pm (to 4:30pm on Sunday)
Place Utsukushigaoka Park and surrounding area
 5 minutes walk from Tamaplaza Station on Den-en-toshi Line.
 (No parking available)
Inquiries Chiiki Katsudo Kakari
TEL: 045-978-2291 FAX: 045-978-2413
Jike Furusato Mura Cherry Blossom Festival
How about strolling under cherry trees in full bloom. There will be a local farmer's market,too.
Date April 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.) from 10am
Place Jike Furusato Mura
 (no parking available)
 Take a bus (#30 or #31) at Aobadai station on Den-en-toshi Line to Kamoshida Danchi bus stop.
Inquiries Chiiki Katsudo Kakari
TEL: 045-978-2291 FAX: 045-978-2413
Aoba Tulip Festival
100 thousand tulips will be in full blossom from the beginning of April. You can enjoy the view of tulip carpet.
Date April 14 (Sun.) from 10am to 3pm (canceled in bad weather)
Place Yokohama Aoba Sports Square
 8 minutes walk from Ichigao Station or 10 minutes walk from Fujigaoka Station on Den-en-toshi Line.
 Temporary pay parking is available this day. (Capacity is limited)
Inquiries Sports / Shisetsu Tanto
TEL: 045-978-2297 FAX: 045-978-2413
On April 4, please call Yokohama Aoba Sports Square to confirm if the festival will be held in case of bad weather.
TEL: 045-975-2367

Announcement and Recruiting

Rabies shots for your Pet

The schedule for dog registration and rabies shots at locations near you in FY 2013 (FY Heisei 25). If you have a dog, who is more than 91days old, it is your duty to register your dog and give it a rabies shot once a year.
Reception time In the morning: from 10am to noon
In the afternoon: from 1:30pm to 3pm
For the entire day: from 10am to noon and 1:30ma to 3pm
Fee First time: 6500 yen
This includes registration fee of 3,000yen, rabies shot 2,950 yen and rabies shot certificate 550yen,

The 2nd shot and after: 3,500 yen
rabies shot 2,950 yen and certificate 550 yen
What you need If your dog has been registered,
 - Please fill out a questionnaire about your dog's health condition.
 - The questionnaire is printed on the back side of the postcard you have received as notice for your dogs 2nd rabies shot.
 - The green registration envelope
*If you don't receive the postcard notice by the end of March, please call us.
If there is any change of registered information such as address, please call us. We will need to correct your information.
Notice - A dog must be accompanied by a person who can control the dog.
- If you miss this opportunity, please get your dog vaccinated at an animal hospital.
- No parking available (except Ward office)
Inquiries Seikatsu Eisei Ka (Health Sanitation Div.)
TEL: 045-978-2465 FAX: 045-978-2423
Date  Reception Place
April 4 (Thu) Entire day Tsutsujigaoka Daiyon Koen (Tsutsujigaoka No.4 Park, Tsutsujigaoka 33-1)
April 5 (Fri) Entire day Yamauchi Koen (Yamauchi Parik, Utsukushigaoka 4 -18)
April 8 (Mon)  In the morning Naracho Daigo Koen (Nara-cho No5 park, Nara-cho 1566-356)
In the afternoon Tachibanadai Daini Koen (Tachibanadai No.2 Park, Tachibanadai 1-12-7)
April 9 (Tue)  In the morning Katsuradai Koen (Katsuradai Park, Katsuradai 1-7)
In the afternoon Chigusadai Daini Koen (Chigusadai No.2 Park, Chigusadai 27)
April 11(Thu) Entire day Aoba Ward Office, Kumin Hiroba (Ward Residents' Square, Ichigao-cho 31-4)
April 16(Tue) Entire day Moegino Koen (Moegino Park, Moegino 7-1)
April 17 (Wed)  In the morning Tana Daiichi Koen (Tana No1 Park, Tanacho 42)
In the afternoon The front parking lot of Kodomonokuni (Naracho 700)
April 19 (Fri)  In the morning Jike Furusato Mura, Shikinoie (Jikecho 414)
In the afternoon Akanedai Kumanoyato Koen (Akanedai 1-25-1)
April 20 (Sat) Entire day Aoba Ward Office Kumin Hiroba (Ichigaocho 31-4)
April 22(Mon)  In the morning Utsukushigaokanishi Yomogi Koen (Utsukushigaokanishi 3-5-5)
In the afternoon Kurosudacho Maeda Koen (Kurosuda 34-3)
April 23 (Tue) Entire day Azamino Higashi Koen (Azamino 2-25)


Lecture meeting on developing sound growth of youth

Speaker: Mr. Watanabe Yoichi (a photographer and journalist who heads for the battlefield)
Date and Time March 19 (Tuesday), 10:30 am.-noon (Reception: 10:00am )
Place Lecture Hall in the Tama-Plaza Campus of Kokugakuin University( Shin-Ishikawa 3chome 22-1)
Please use public transportation, because there is no parking area, nor bicycle parking lot.
Limit 300 people (Please come directly to the place)
No prior application required, first come basis
Fee Free
Inquiries Culture and Community Section
TEL: 045-978-2295 FAX: 045-978-2413

Let's enjoy healthy lunch with variety of vegetables from our local ward area.

This is an "Aoba Future Agricultural Club" event
Date and Time March 20 (Holiday・Wednesday) noon - 2:00pm
Place Sutamina Tana
(Tanacho15-1 1minute walk from Tana station on Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line )
Capacity 20 people
Cost 1,000yen
Application Inquiries Write the name of the event, postal code, address, your name, telephone number, e-mail address and please send fax or e-mail to event coordinator.
FAX: 045-978-2410
E-mail address: ao-mirainou@city.yokohama.jp
Your application should be received by March 15
*We will contact you if you lose the lottery. If you do not hear from us, please come directly to Sutamina Tana.

Science Craft Class

Children are now enjoying spring school holidays.
Let's make an electronic gadget at the "Kagaku-Kosaku-Shitsu" at the Science Craft Class!
Instructors: members of Aoba Kagaku Tanteidan (Aoba Science Group)
Date and Time (1) March 25 (Monday) 12:30pm - 2:30pm,
(2) March 26 (Tuesday) 9:30am - 11:30am.
Place Viola Ichigao Community Care plaza (Ichigao-cho 25-6)
According to the dates, contents are different.
(1) Navigational tower for Osprey
 Osprey Aircraft flying tower
(2) Mini electric organ
Applicant Qualifications 30 pairs in each class
Elementary school students from the third to the sixth grades
Parent and child pair is also acceptable.
Fee Two classes: 1000 Yen
One class: 600 Yen
Application Inquiries Please apply by e-mail or fax.
Write the following items clearly:
 - the number of the class you would like to attend
 - the name of your school, your grade, your name (Furigana), and sex
 - Please write if your parent will join you
 - your contact address (telephone number, fax number, or e-mail address)
send to: Culture and Community Section
TEL: 045-978-2295
FAX: 045-978-2413
E-mail address: ao-bunkomi@city.yokohama.jp
application deadline is March 15
If there are too many applicants, lottery will be held.

Information from Community Centers

Kaya-no-ki Concert

Enjoy a Musical performance -Tengu-sabaki -The Judgment of the Japanese Long-Nose Goblin.
This musical is based on a Rakugo - (Japanese style comic story teller). Cast: Yokohama Musical Farm
Date and Time March 23(Saturday)2:00 pm - 3:00pm
Place Oba-chiiki Care Plaza
Capacity 50 people
Cost 100 yen for adults, 20 years and older
Application By telephone. First come fast served.
No parking
Inquiries Oba-chiiki Care Plaza
TEL: 045-975-0200